Mainstream media celebrates Chelsea Clinton pregnancy, but ignored Jenna Bush's announcement

This week, Chelsea Clinton announced she was having a baby, and the media took it about the way you would expect: like a sign from God that Hillary Clinton should be coronated President.

According to the Media Research Center (the web's best watchdog for media bias), every major network devoted coverage on the announcement on their nightly news: ABC and NBC each gave it a two minute story, while CBS gave it about 32 seconds of air time. ABC's Cecilia Vega was giddy nearly to the point of embarrassment, stating "The next generation of the Clinton dynasty is on the way...One Clinton child grew up before our eyes in the White House, could there soon be another?"

Even the print media were practically Lewinskying each other in glee. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post spoke of the pregnancy in terms of Hillary's future political hopes. "Nobody assumes this was done for political reasons, of course, but if it had been done for political reasons, it could not have been a better time," she wrote. "Hillary Clinton will have this bouncing toddler in her arms to campaign with in 2016.”

The Media Research Center pointed out that when Jenna Bush Hager announced her pregnancy in December 2012, little more than a year ago, the evening news media responded with a collective yawn. ABC and CBS didn't mention it at all. NBC gave it about 30 seconds, and that is only because Hager announced it on NBC's Today Show.

Click here to read the full report at The Media Research Center.

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