"Learn Liberty" video crushes immigration myths

Professor Ben Powell, PhD of Suffolk University discusses immigration in this concise and easy-to-understand video from Learn Liberty. He debunks some of the bigger myths about immigration, which any conservative should know, since he simply explains that free market capitalism and self-determination benefit both the immigrant and the country they immigrate to. My only complaint is that he doesn't provide links to his sources, but if you click on our "immigration" tag label below, you'll see links to our coverage on the subject that cites sources that come to the same conclusion.

Valentine's cards use cute animals to promote Obamacare

The Obama administration's attempts to promote the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, haven't been very successful, and some (like the infamous Pajama Boy) have been downright laughable. Their latest effort once again ruins a popular holiday by shoehorning Obamacare where it is neither needed or wanted. But at least you get pictures of cute cats.

Democrat hates Clarence Thomas for having a white wife

Alabama State Representative Alvin Holmes, an African American who has served in public office for forty years, should be well aware of the challenges faced by minorities over the decades. As a liberal Democrat, however, it appears he gets a pass when he treats conservative African Americans like second-class citizens.

Holmes recently went on a bizarre rant on the floor of the Alabama state house, criticizing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for having a white wife and calling him an Uncle Tom. TimesDaily.com reporter Mary Sell originally reported Holmes' comments in a tweet on February 11, quoting Holmes as saying he didn't like Thomas because he was married to a white woman.

While the comments were largely ignored by the media, Holmes received enough criticism that he soon had to walk back his statements, claiming he didn't really have a problem with Thomas' white wife. Reporter Tim Lockette tweeted Holmes' excuse: he claims to have said other people might think he might not like Thomas's white wife. He said he didn't like Thomas because he was an Uncle Tom. He then pointed out that he supported an interracial marriage law in Alabama, which is like a white guy trying to prove he's not a bigot by saying he has lots of black friends.

Just to be clear: Homes likes interracial marriage, he just doesn't like black people who do not agree with him. Thanks for clearing that up, Holmes. We appreciate you making your hateful bias and hypocrisy so abundantly clear.

Obamacare sets Pajama Boy free

Americans for Prosperity hit the nail on the head with their recent Obamacare meme. The CBO reports that millions will lose their jobs because of Affordable Care Act regulations, so let's hope Pajama Boy is one of those hitting the unemployment line. Assuming he ever had a job to begin with.  

America's battle over immigration is nothing new

Joe Laughon's recent column for the Cafe con Leche Republicans provides an excellent short history of immigration controversies throughout American history. Given the nature of the rhetoric in today's immigration debate, it is both timely and insightful. I highly suggest you read it - and you can do so by clicking right here.

Obama blames Fox News for holding him accountable

There's been plenty of coverage about President Obama's interview with Bill O'Reilly before the Super Bowl, so we won't revisit it. However, we will make an observation.

President Obama blaming Fox News for his scandals is like a Scooby Doo villain getting caught and then blaming those meddling kids.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to treat myself to a Scooby Snack.

Democrats in Congress show hypocrisy over the minimum wage hike

While we all can agree that workers should be paid fairly, this push to hike the minimum wage is a seriously misguided attempt that will hurt the very people it wants to help. Ironically, as this graphic from PolicyMic.com shows, most of the congressmen supporting the hike don't even bother to pay their interns. Republicans shouldn't laugh too loudly at the hypocrisy; of the 4% that do, all are either Democrats or Independents. The GOP is much like the rest of Congress, and doesn't compensate their interns either. You can click here to see the full PolicyMic article about the 96%.

Mike Flynn of Breitbart.com has an excellent article about the myths surrounding the minimum wage issue, which you can read for yourself by clicking right here. Perhaps the most surprising fact about minimum wage workers comes from the Department of Labor itself, which states that out of 75 million hourly wage earners, only 1.2 million earn minimum wage, with most of those young workers just entering the work force.

It's a trap! White House offers up "Big Block of Cheese Day"

Every good trap needs bait. As if he was setting a political mousetrap, President Obama - with the help of some Hollywood celebrities - recently offered Americans some cheese. Not government cheese mind you, or even actual physical cheese. He’s offered “virtual cheese” in perhaps the oddest gimmick yet by the White House to convince Americans the Obama administration is open and transparent.

Using a YouTube video, the White House announced President Obama would hold a “Big Block of Cheese Day” on Wednesday, January 29. The idea came from President Andrew Jackson, who, in 1837, invited citizens to come by the White House and ask him any question they liked. Cabinet members and White House staff were also available to answer questions from the public in an unprecedented gesture of openness and accountability. President Jackson served a 1,400 pound block of cheese in the White House foyer for visitors to eat, hence the “Big Block of Cheese Day” name.