Now who's paranoid? Government caught collecting citizen's DNA

I usually don't buy into all the black helicopter/New World Order/Illuminati conspiracies floating around out there, but a recent story out of Ft. Worth may have us all thinking twice. According to NBC affiliate KXAS-TV, drivers on a busy Ft. Worth street were recently stopped at a police roadblock and asked for samples of their breath, saliva, and even blood. Off-duty members of the Ft. Worth police department helped staff of the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTA) with the roadblock, and even though giving up a DNA sample was "voluntary," being stopped was not, and drivers who were pulled over felt pressured to participate. The government offered compensation for collecting the samples. The NHTA claims it was an anonymous collection of samples for a survey of American drivers, but after complaints, Ft. Worth police apologized, saying the participation of their officers was not coordinated with headquarters. Attorneys say the roadblock and collection may have been a civil rights violation, and investigations continue. To find out more, read the story by KXAS right here.

Amazon's new show Alpha House is left-wing propaganda wrapped in an unfunny package

I recently had the chance to check out Amazon Instant's new comedy for their online video streaming service. It's called Alpha House, and it is written by Garry Trudeau, the liberal hack who created the political comic strip Doonesbury. As you might expect, the entire show was nothing more than a heavy-handed hit piece on conservative values. Had it been funny, I might have been more concerned, but it isn't. To find out more about the show, including some examples of how their "Marco Rubio" character was a mish-mash of racial stereotypes, click right here to check out my report on

Obama's conference call works just as well as his Obamacare website

I decided to join in on the President's conference call on Monday night (11/18/2013), where the leader of the free world attempted to restore his shattered reputation by preaching to the faithful. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to hear his speech, as his website,, couldn't properly load the audio feed from his call. That's right: another Obama website didn't work. Oh, irony. Incredibly, his people chalk it up to SO MANY PEOPLE trying to log in. Yeah, we've heard that one before.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one having issues with the website. According to, lots of folks couldn't log in to the call, including many reporters. Oops.

If you didn't get to hear the Chosen One explain how everything's gonna be cool with Obamacare (eventually) either, you apparently didn't miss much. Twitchy reported that one of the President's ideas to boost Obamacare was to talk it up at Christmas parties. I'm not kidding. Obamacare supporters have sunk to the level of THAT GUY at every party who tries to sell you something. We may just win this war without having to fire a shot, since the opposition keeps shooting themselves in the foot.

Michael Moore REALLY hates American soldiers

Michael Moore took to Twitter on Veterans Day to slam those honoring our nation's soldiers. He also took a classless swipe at suicide in the military. To read his tweets (caution: they are nauseating) click right here to read our full report at asks for money to save Obamacare

Things are so bad for Obamacare right now, the President is passing around the hat. In a recent email, Organizing for Action (OFA), the President;s political group that runs, recently sent out an email asking for donations to help promote Obamacare. Since millions have had their insurance cancelled, they have all that extra money sitting around to donate, so who knows?

Click right here to read my full report at about OFA's appeal for donations, and the other outrageous claims they made as to why Obamacare is failing. It's good for a chuckle.

Finally, someone who likes Obamacare.....hookers!

It is obvious that President Obama didn't have your average, hard-working American in mind when he crafted Obamacare. With so many having their policies cancelled and their rates raised, the middle class seems to getting the short end of the stick.

So who is actually benefiting from the Affordable Care Act? Workers in the sex industry, it appears. A recent event organized by Obamacare supporters in San Francisco (of course) featured burlesque dancers performing risque skits in which they ended up topless to entertain strippers, hookers, and other assorted sex industry workers and convince them to sign up for Obamacare. It was dubbed a "Healthy Ho's Party." Seriously.

Apparently, when you're a hooker and only deal in cash, insurance is a problem. Thankfully, Obamacare will subsidize their health care - with our tax dollars. Thanks, Mr. President!

To read about the "Healthy Ho's" and how they will do just fine under Obamacare, click right here.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Since it's Guy Fawkes Day, we should note that hundreds of years after the fact, we still face tyranny. We have a President who spies on us at will, ruins our insurance program (after lying about it), uses the IRS to punish his enemies, abandons our heroes to die on the streets of Benghazi, and disregards the Constitution he promised to defend. Sadly, even his political foes (including the party I support) seem more concerned with personal gain than serving the people. While we remember the 5th of November, we should also remember the first Tuesday of November, when we can participate in our own revolution.

Actress Molly Ringwald wants Wendy Davis as Governor of...Houston?

She used to be America's Sweetheart, but now she's proof the brain suffers severe trauma after too many years in Hollywood.

Actress Molly Ringwald decided the Texas Governor's race was missing something: her endorsement of Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis. She took the time to tweet on Thursday (Halloween, no less) "Support this woman. The next governor of Houston, Texas. #wendydavis #weneedwomenlikethese."

Her tweet instantly gained ridicule, with many asking exactly when Houston became a state. Others asked if she knows the difference between a mayor and a governor. She also appears to think Houston is the state capitol - wrong again, Molls - it's Austin. Personally, if politics gets her this confused, I wonder if she really knows that abortion ends a human life. I kinda doubt Wendy will fill her in.

Ringwald eventually deleted the tweet, blaming the mistake on jetlag. Yeah, flying makes us really stupid too. To read more about her tweet and the reaction to it, click here to read the full story at