YMCA kicks out pro-life activists

When members of Students for Life of America went to Austin recently to advocate for a bill that would restrict late-term abortions, their presence at a local YMCA raised the ire of abortion supporters who were members there. After threats from the pro-abortion members, the Y kicked the pro-lifers out. I suppose we should all be concerned about an organization with "Christian" in its name turning its back on pro-life activists, but this all happened in Austin, Texas, the bastion of liberalism in the state.

To read more about what happened, click here to read the full story at Examiner.com.

Andrew Garfield wants to make Spider-Man gay

Sometimes you have to question if some actors have any grasp of reality. Case in point: Andrew Garfield, who plays Spider-Man in the recent movie reboot of the Marvel superhero, said in a recent interview that he wanted to make his character gay in the upcoming sequel.

Apparently, the heavy-handed attempt to appear tolerant to the gay community didn't go over well with anyone, most of all fans of Spider-Man. Besides, one has to wonder, when you are dating actress Emma Stone (as Garfield is), why in the world are you even thinking about playing a gay character? The guy doesn't know a good thing when he has it.

To see exactly what Garfield said about the proposed Fabulous Spider-Man, click here to read my story at Examiner.com.

Sarah Palin supported a path to citizenship before opposing it

I'm a fan of Sarah Palin, but I don't get her logic sometimes. For instance, during the 2008 election, she supported immigration reform, saying the U.S. should do the "humane" thing and create a path to citizenship.

Even though the basics of the immigration debate have not changed, Palin now seems to have changed her tune to one that will likely win the support of the very vocal (and very supportive) anti-immigrant movement.

Palin makes a living on TV appearances and speeches for various Republican groups around the country. The question, then, must be asked: is she really saying what she believes about immigration reform, or is she merely playing to those who butter her bread? After seeing how Marco Rubio has been ripped and savaged by his fellow Republicans, does she have the courage to admit she once held his views as well? What has changed between 2008 and now to cause this flip-flop, and why won't she talk about it? One has to wonder.

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Conservative bloggers find profit in opposing immigration reform

I've seen a disturbing trend among many conservative bloggers lately. Particularly, special interest groups who buy advertising from some conservative blogs seem to be defining how certain issues are reported on those sites. Reporting on an issue without influence from advertisers is always a slippery slope for journalists, but some bloggers seem to have no problem catering to them to keep the money flowing.

My latest report points out a group of bloggers that write for a media corporation funded by ad revenue from a Washington political group. This political group seems intent on preaching broad, hateful rhetoric on the issue of immigration, and the bloggers seem happy to echo that rhetoric. This is why we don't see more meaningful, in-depth reporting on many controversial issues - there's no money in it.

To read about the bloggers involved and the political group buying their favor, click right here to read my story at Examiner.com.

Meet Konni Burton, the woman who wants to send Wendy Davis packing

Tea Party activist Konni Burton has emerged as a serious challenger to unseat Wendy Davis, the Democratic Texas State Senator who has become the media darling of the left. Unlike Davis, Burton is pro-life, anti-big government, and believes in statesmanship over political opportunism. With Democrats across the country lining up behind Davis, it is time for the conservatives and libertarians to rise up and push back against the Davis hype and back Burton. To read more about her plans for Texas, click here to read my story for Examiner.com.

Meet the baby Wendy Davis won't protect

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis made a name for herself by filibustering a bill that would have outlawed abortions after 20 weeks. Her political stunt won the hearts of the more liberal parts of the media, but they failed to take into consideration the subject of the bill: a 20 week old baby. We, however, did not.

A well-respected pregnancy site produced a video outlining what a 20 week old baby is like, and we included it in a report you can read right here. Feel free to share with anyone who tries to sing Davis' praises. It's sobering to see the human babies that she feels are unworthy of life.