Robert Reich calls rural America fascist and regressive

In a recent column, former Clinton Administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich demeaned Americans living in rural communities, calling them regressive, hateful, and fascist. It probably shouldn't surprise you that someone with this twisted line of thinking teaches at Berkeley and is a political commentator for CNN and MSNBC.

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New Yorker Magazine makes Bert and Ernie gay

After the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, The New Yorker Magazine decided to celebrate - by outing Sesame Street icons Bert and Ernie on the cover of their magazine. Why? We're really not sure, but it seems the liberal left has a weird obsession with Muppet sex.

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What did Ronald Reagan say about immigration amnesty?

Immigration reform, and the so-called "amnesty" plan that has been proposed, has caused some major division in the Republican party. With all the rhetoric out there, it has been difficult for many conservatives to come to an agreement on the subject. However, President Ronald Reagan settled the issue years ago. To find out what he said about immigration reform and amnesty, click right here to read my column at