Steve King can't tell the truth when it comes to raising money

We don't like it when politicians don't speak the truth, regardless of their political party. Republican Steve King has done many good things, but he used half-truths and pinned America's problems on immigrants in an effort to raise money. In a fundraising email, he claimed America is on a "death watch" and your donation to his campaign would help stop that, but his claims against immigrants and immigration reform simply aren't true. Click here to read our report about his claims, and why they don't hold up to fact. No amount of money is worth sacrificing the truth.

Liberal pastor says Jesus was wrong on gay marriage

Meet Rev. Oliver White. He is the pastor of Grace Community United Church of Christ in St. Paul, Minnesota.

He is also bat-guano crazy.

Rev. White has gone on a campaign in support of gay marriage, arguing that Jesus "didn't know it all" about the subject, and would support it if He were here to speak to us today. Not surprisingly, White's stand has cost him most of his church members, and his church property is facing foreclosure. He's just being showered with blessings from above, we can tell.

To read more about what Rev. White told Sean Hannity about gay marriage, click right here to read my column at

Michelle and Barack's Excellent Vacation Adventure

Remember that vacation Michelle Obama went on? No, not the Africa trip that cost taxpayers $100 million. We mean the vacation BEFORE that vacation, in which she spent a few days in Ireland. It might be significant, because it cost taxpayers $5 million, enough money to pay for 1.3 years of White House tours for schoolkids. You remember the tours that Obama canceled because he said the sequester left them no money, don't you? Good, because the media sure doesn't.

To read more about Michelle's EuroTrip and what it means in real dollars, click right here to check out my story at

Ted Cruz blasts Obama's Berlin speech as "appeasement"

When President Obama went to Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to give a speech, he hoped to get a little of the historical magic that Kennedy and Reagan had when they spoke there. Instead, The Chosen One proved that he wasn't even in the same league as those two.

To make matters worse for Obama, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas absolutely destroyed his speech in a statement, which you can read for yourself by clicking here to read my report.

Move over Jesus, the Muslims want to pray

The University of Chicago (the same university where President Obama taught law) recently removed all of the pews from a historic Christian chapel in order to make room for Muslim prayers. Remember that story we did a while back about the Army listing Christians as possible terrorists? This is the by-product of that sort of thinking.

Chipper Jones wants to feed poor immigrants to alligators

You know what I can't stand? Spoiled rich celebrities, and yes, spoiled athlete millionaires are included in that bunch. That's why I lost a lot of respect for former Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones, who thinks it would be great fun to feed undocumented immigrants to alligators placed on the border.

I guess when we quote the poem at the Statue of Liberty saying "give me your tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free," we need to start adding "except for the poor, huddled masses of Mexicans yearning to escape the drug violence and poverty of their lousy country." What an ignorant tool this guy is. He probably doesn't even know that our goverment's immigration system is so screwed up that every year, thousands of immigrants trying to follow the rules are denied green cards for no reason at all. Over one million qualified applicants are still waiting. Some people have waited over 25 years. No wonder they cross the border in desperation. But that doesn't mean a thing to a spoiled millionaire.

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TSA treats Chewbacca like a terrorist

Meet Peter Mayhew, all around nice guy (I can say that from personal experience) and the gentleman who has played Chewbacca in the Star Wars films.

Because of his age and great height, Mayhew needs a cane to walk, and it just so happens, his cane looks like a lightsaber. Pretty cool, except the stormtroopers at TSA considered it a weapon, as if it really worked. No, this is not an Onion story.

To find out what happened, and to hear about the Star Wars fans that helped him get his cane back from the evil Empire, click right here and check out my full report.

Gay activists upset over immigrants getting all the attention

Well, aren't we a little miffed? Apparently some gay activists are upset that the talk in Washington isn't all about them, and they are pulling their support of some Democrats (with votes and money) because they aren't being included in immigration reform. To read more about it, click right here to read my article at!

Toss your cookies: Link between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood exposed

A former Girl Scout named Sydney Volanski has stepped forward to take the lead on the many ties the Girl Scouts have to the liberal left. Chief among them: Planned Parenthood, whose efforts the Girl Scouts support, using "sister" organizations that they fund, in order to deny a "direct" link. To read more about how they use an organization known as WAGGGS to accomplish their liberal agenda, click right here to read our full story.

To visit Sydney Volanski's site,, click right here.

Barack Obama and the Secret Emails of Doom

We really shouldn't be too surprised that the Obama administration has been using secret email accounts to communicate with each other. What I do find  surprising is that the AP broke the story. A news organization actually doing their job, who would have thought it? Of course, the rest of the mainstream media responded with a collective yawn, which isn't surprising at all.

It turns out Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (pictured here) and the former head of the EPA were amonf those using the secret accounts, which could be a crime if they were used to circumvent federal disclosure laws. I suppose we can just add them to the long list of misdeeds by this Administration that go uninvestigated, below Fast and Furious and Benghazi but above giving Bo the Dog his own private jet on trips.

To read more about the administration's secret email accounts, click right here to read my full report at

Adam Levine, typical Hollywood leftist

When Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine was caught live on the air saying "I hate this country," it wasn't his first dig at anything resembling mainstream America. In fact, Levine is a liberal and an Obama supporter, who likes insulting conservatives. To read more about his behavior, click right here to read my column at

Look out Jeannie! Bill Clinton's on the loose!

At a recent fundraiser for an AIDS charity in Vienna, someone had the dumb idea of parading Barbara Eden in her "Jeannie" outfit in front of Bill Clinton. That's like waving a red flag at a bull, people. Like opening a free buffet on the Vegas strip. It was a BAD idea.

Think about it: if you had to live with Hillary all these years, a 78-year-old Barbara Eden would seem like heaven on Earth.

To read all about what happened, and see a slideshow of the encounter, click here to read my column.