Breitbart: New cartoon features transsexual kid

According to a report on, HUB-TV, a kid's network, is bringing us a new cartoon featuring a transssexual kid. The cartoon, called She-Zow, features a little boy named Guy who uses a magic ring and the phrase "You Go Girl" to change into a superhero girl in a pink outfit. Seriously.

Not only will the cartoon likely confuse sexual identity and gender roles for impressionable young kids, Hasbro (who co-owns the network with the Discover Channel) will likely sell merchandise tied to the show, making millions in the process. 

All the gays hate Adrian Peterson

Brace yourself for a wave of attacks on Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson characterizing him as an intolerant bigot. The reason is simple: he refused to bow to political correctness and speak his mind.

Last Thursday, in an interview with Sirius/XM NFL Radio, Peterson said he does not support gay marriage, saying "To each his own. I’m not with it. But I have relatives that are gay. I’m not biased towards them. I still treat them the same. I love ‘em. But again, I’m not with that. That’s not something I believe in. But to each his own."

Peterson's statement after radio hosts Bruce Murray and Amani Toomer asked him if the Vikings' release of punter Chris Kluwe was motivated by his outspoken support of gay marriage.

Peterson doubted it had anything to do with it, and then stepped into the gay marriage debate.

Peterson's stand could lead to widespread condemnation and criticism, not unlike what former Jet Tim Tebow faced for speaking out on his personal beliefs. While the reigning NFL MVP was diplomatic with his words, that did not stop some gay activists from criticizing his opinion, because it didn't agree with their opinion.

DTLAL Magazine tweeted "Hater & Bigot Adrian Peterson of @Vikings comes out as a hater of #LGBT." Other bloggers and even some news websites characterized Peterson's comments in a negative light, often characterizing them as "anti-gay," including David Woods of

Immigration activist fights government abuse

We've long supported immigration reform, because we believe the American Dream is not something that should require honest, hard-working immigrants to pay big bucks and wait a decade to achieve. The current system, which provides no assistance to immigrants who try to follow the rules, is seriously flawed and is more interested in keeping people out than allowing folks in.

My family had the good fortune of coming to Texas over a century ago, and there wasn't years of red tape to deal with. It isn't like that any more. Worse yet, today's immigrants have to deal with ICE agents who abuse and mistreat foreign nationals in their care. One man is fighting for the rights of good people to make their way through the complicated process, and we profiled his work. You can read all about it by clicking right here.

Palin smacks down Obama over scandals

Say what you will about Sarah Palin, but the Governor isn't afraid to tell it like it is, and she's got President Obama in her sights, citing his "galling political hubris" in the light of a trio of scandals.

To read all about what she had to say about The Chosen One, click right here to see the full report at

Bibles in state parks? Athiests ain't got time for that!

Nothing gets an athiest's hemp panties in a wad more than the idea of a Bible anywhere but a church pew. Put one on the bedside table in a state park cabin, and that athiest is having to change said hemp panties.

That's exactly what happened in Georgia, where some tool freaked out because the Gideons were putting Bibles in cabins in state parks, free of charge. In his mind, a government owned library can stock a Bible, but a government owned cabin can't, so he used another tool: a lawyer. He threatened to sue, but Georgia's governor had the perfect response to him. To find out what happened, click right here.

NARAL blames pro-lifers for Kermit Gosnell

The tens of thousands of babies abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell killed have seen some justice with his conviction, but abortion advocates in NARAL aren't taking it well. In fact, they're even blaming pro-lifers, saying it's their fault he existed in the first place. Don't look at us to explain liberal logic, we just report it.

To read more about what NARAL said, click here to read the full report.

Organizing for America: GOP wears "tin foil hats"

President Obama's Organizing for Action (I wonder of they had any problems getting their 501(c)(4) status, by the way) is still out there, fighting for his agenda. With all the problems Obama is facing right now, we shouldn't be surprised that they are hoping to change the subject, which is probably why they're talking about the environment so much lately.

In their latest rant, OFA criticized Republicans over their views on climate change, saying they wear "tin foil hats." It's the same old liberal tactic: if you can't beat them, insult them.

To read more about what OFA had to say, click right here to read the full story at

Did Netflix call Sarah Palin a Nazi?

We've all read stories about some idiot who said something they shouldn't have on social media, and it came back to haunt them. Now, we can add Netflix to that list of idiots.

After some liberals tried to start a hashtag trend on Twitter called #SarahPalinFilms, Netflix jumped in by tweeting a reference to a movie about Nazis with the Palin hashtag. As you might expect, things got a little crazy after that. To read all the details, click right here to get the full story from

Liberal logic: Climate change creates hookers and AIDS

Meet U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (a California Democrat, of course), who recently introduced a resolution asking the President and Congress to do something about climate change, because it causes awful stuff like AIDS and prostitution. Didn't know that? Well, now you do, and knowing is half the battle.

Lee's reasoning is some far-fetched scenario that includes farmers not being able to grow food, causing women to sell their bodies to make money, or something like that. I had no idea there was a correlation between the polar ice caps melting and Vegas "escort" services.

To read more about Rep. Lee and her apparent break from reality, click right here to read my full column at Bring protection.

Did Planned Parenthood cover up Kermit Gosnell complaints?

The Kermit Gosnell trial has the nation's largest abortion provider on the defensive, especially when it was revealed that the Planned Parenthood in Gosnell's West Philadelphia did not report complaints about his practices to authorities. Just looking out for the women, right?

To read all about how Planned Parenthood helped keep Gosnell killing for nearly 40 years, click right here to see the full report at

Obama drops in popularity, while George W. Bush rises

You can't keep a good man down. With the opening of George W. Bush's Presidential Library in Dallas, his popularity is at an all time high, while the Chosen One has seen his rating approval drop. Seems W isn't looking so bad at all after four years under the Obama regime. To read all about it, click right here to read my full column at

Of course, that doesn't mean the media is going to give him a fair shake. MSNBC's Chuck Todd took to Twitter to mock President Bush during his library dedication speech. Guess Todd's trying to win brownie points with MSNBC management. You can read all about his insult of Bush right here.

How to ruin your life in less than a day..

How many careers has Facebook ruined? There may not be an exact number, but rest assured those who have had it happen are stupid, stupid people. When you post something online, it follows you FOREVER, and many stupid people forget that. Case in point: a school counselor near Dallas who could barely craft a legible sentence posted a racist comment about the West, Texas tragedy on Facebook, and was canned in hours. The internet speeds up everything!

To read all about this idiot, click right here to get all the details.

Liberals, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and ObamaPhones

As most of us have seen, the Boston Bombing not only reminded us of the evil of Islamic terrorists, but also of the hatred and incompetence of the liberal left.

In a series of reports for, we detailed how CNN and Esquire Magazine jumped to blame the "right wing" for the bombing, how The New York Times tried to blame the GOP, and we raised the possibility that the bombers might have used ObamaPhones to carry out the attack. It will make you think America learned nothing from 9/11.

In addition, most folks aren't aware that one of the Boston bombers spent his time after the attack tweeting lyrics from Eminem and Jay-Z. The media didn't report that much, but if the Tsarnaevs had tweeted anything from Ted Nugent, we wouldn't have heard the end of it. You can read all about it here.

Give a kid a Bible, lose your job

A New Jersey middle school substitute teacher has been fired after he gave his Bible to a student who asked him about it. The teacher, Walter Tutka, was a long-time substitute teacher for the Phillipsburg School District, and filed a wrongful termination complaint against the district Thursday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Tutka was fired in January after an October 2012 incident in which one of his students inquired about the phrase "the first will be last and the last will be first." After learning the phrase came from the Bible, the student inquired about it with Tutka over several weeks. After the student told him he kept forgetting to look up the verse, Tutka showed him the verse in the Gideon New Testament he had in his pocket. When the student stated he didn't have a Bible, Tutka offered him the Gideon.

Despite protests from members of the community and friends, Tutka lost his job for passing out religious material on campus and not being neutral on religious issues. Tutka is now being represented by Hiram Sasser, director of litigation at the Liberty Institute, who stated “What’s next – are they going to ban Shakespeare because his plays have Bible quotations?” He also pointed out that Tutka only responded to the intellectual inquiries of a student, and did not proselytize.

UPDATE (1/2015): The EEOC has ruled in favor of Tutka in his complaint, They found the school district showed bias and retaliation based simply on Tutka's faith. Click here to read more.

MSNBC hates Maggie Thatcher

When Margaret Thatcher passed away in April, the liberal left both at home and abroad went all out to tarnish her memory. MSNBC's Martin Bashir was criticizing her life and legacy on the air within hours of her passing, and you can read our full report on it right here. On the streets of Britian, a bunch of useless English kids with bad teeth danced in the streets to celebrate the death of the woman who saved their country from falling into irrelevance and obscurity. You can read all about these idiots right here.

Why did the Army list Christians and Catholics as extremists and hate groups?

The picture above is real - it's an actual slide from a Defense Department presentation listing Christians as religious extremists, ahead of Al Quaeda. To find out exactly how this happened, and the response to it, click right here to get the full story.

If you think that was an isolated incident, think again. An Army officer sent out an email to his staff calling several Christian organizations, including the American Family Association, hate groups. You can read our report about it right here.

Dianne Feinstein blames video games for mass shootings

Democrat Dianne Feinstein is going after the Mario Brothers and other video games, blaming them for the Sandy Hook school shooting. Seriously. To find out what she said about video games and violence, click right here to read the full article at

You will bow before the Democrat, comrade....

A Democrat serving as the clerk of Dallas County, Texas recently posted a picture of himself superimposed on a image of Stalin. Not exactly clever or subtle, but then again, we are talking about a Democrat.

To find out the whole story behind the image, click right here.