Keep the Kermit Gosnell trial in the news - make this your profile pic!

The mainstream media may be sweeping the Kermit Gosnell trial under the rug, but we won't let them. We encourage everyone to download this picture and make it their profile pic on Facebook and other social media sites. To save it, right click and choose 'Save Image As.'

TV show "Dallas" features a pro-life storyline

A recent episode of "Dallas" featured - of all things - a pro-life storyline in which a character pleaded for the life of her unborn babies. Hollywood never ceases to surprise. To find out more about the episode, click right here.

Chris Matthews: gun rights supporters are Nazis

Chris Matthews never lets little things like the truth stop him from making a point, and his recent rant painting gun rights supporters as Nazis is more proof of that. Comparing anyone to Nazis is a pretty worn-out and useless tactic, but then again, Matthews is a worn-out, useless liberal. To find out what he said, click right here to read more.

What would Jesus say about amnesty?

Here is my latest column, also available to read on sites including

For a number of years, I agreed with many of my fellow Republicans on the issue of immigration reform. I was a hard-liner who saw no need for reform, much less amnesty. As a Latino whose family has Texas roots dating back to the 1800s, I resented the fact that anyone who shares my cultural heritage would ignore the law and come here illegally.

However, in recent years, I felt the Lord was showing me things about immigration that I hadn't considered before, and He was convicting me for not following the example of His Son. I admit, for the longest time, I resisted the idea, so certain was I that my hard-line position was legally, ethically, and morally correct. I began to realize, however, that Jesus had something to say about it through His Word, and I began to wonder if my own pride and hubris was keeping me from considering and accepting the idea that He had something to teach me.

An Obama poster you can believe in

One of our first memes from 2009, and it is even more relevant today.

Jim Carrey, former funnyman and current Hollywood tool

When you're Jim Carrey, you get to do things like criticize gun owners as evil while you shoot guns in your movies as a joke. It's what spoiled millionaire Hollywood stars do. To read all about his gun control hyprocrisy, click here to see my full column.

NOOOO! Sequester forces Washington bureaucrats to eat like regular folks!

This sad-looking liberal is U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Florida who had the nerve to complain recently that the sequester is forcing her staffers - who make as much as $160,000 a year - to cut corners and possibly miss out on good meals. Oh, the humanity!

To read more about her pathetic whining, click right here to read my full report. I hope your gag reflex is strong.

Actor Nick Searcy: the Walking Dead can teach us about gun control

Justified actor Nick Searcy isn't afraid to share his conservative views, and recently, he took to Twitter to teach us all a lesson on gun control, courtesy of the hit TV show The Walking Dead. Seriously.

To find out what he said, click right here to read my full column at

Sarah Palin: Obama lied about goverment transparency

Sarah Palin took President Obama to task for promising to run the most transparent government in American history. It would have been nice if he at least would have tried.

To read more about what she said, click right here to read my report.

Pat Boone calls Obama a Marxist and a socialist

Pat Boone went on the attack against President Obama recently, calling him a Marxist and socialist. He's like a Hollywood honey badger, and as we all know, a Hollywood honey badger don't care. To read more about what Pat Boone said, click right here.

Obama needs horror stories to scare America

Organizing for Action is doing the President's dirty work again. This time, it's looking for horror stories from folks hurt by the sequester. Funny how the Obama Administration can't find any good stories on its own and has to go looking for them. To find out more about the email OFA sent out, click right here.

The new Pope is pro-life!

Of course, the Catholic church has always opposed abortion, but Pope Francis has been vocally pro-life. To find out what he has said, click right here to read my full report.

Liberals love Hugo Chavez, can't say goodbye

Right about now, Hugo Chavez is finding out if his thermal underwear protect him from burns, but even so, liberals still mourn him. To find out who just couldn't quit the dictator, click right here to read the full story.