The twisted logic of liberal inductive reasoning

Liberals like to fancy themselves as purveyors of knowledge, who must look down from their ivory towers and enlighten conservatives to the ways of the world. How else can someone like President Barack Obama, whose life experience consisted of community organizing, find the audacity during his State of the Union speech to lecture the Supreme Court, some of the most seasoned scholars on Earth?

The problem with liberals is not their wealth (or lack thereof) of knowledge, but their use of logic. In particular, liberals like to use inductive reasoning in their arguments: a twisted, but popular, brand of logic. It is the flawed process of using specific examples to form a general conclusion, but it rarely holds up to scrutiny. For instance, if all you see are black birds flying around, inductive reasoning would allow you to say that all birds are black. Just because it may be true for your situation, the statement is not true in all instances.

Even so, liberals love to use specific examples to make a blanket statement. I had to take that reasoning to task recently when I wrote about the Columbine school shooting and the use of armed guards. Some argued that because an armed guard didn’t stop the Columbine massacre, armed guards should never be allowed in schools. By the standards of inductive reasoning, such an idea would be deemed valid, but as we all know, the logic doesn’t hold up. Just one example of a guard stopping violence (and there are many) destroys the premise. That’s why inductive reasoning is not considered a logical line of thought. And yet, liberals love to use it.

In the climate change debate, nearly every major hurricane or snowstorm is used as evidence that our climate is changing. It is perhaps the most obvious use of inductive reasoning, but still, environmentalists and the media will use it to fit their particular agenda. Instead of arguing about the flawed logic, however, we try to argue against an established fact. It doesn’t work. Rather than trying to debunk the truth, conservatives should point out, again and again, how the left uses the truth to fit their view. Once you establish their logic as inductive reasoning, and then undermine the credibility of that reasoning, you then destroy their argument.

By the same token, we as conservatives need to be wary of using that same line of reasoning for our own arguments. It is too easy to take a single instance and use it to prove our point, even if it is not the whole truth. Rather than relying on emotion and perception, we need to face the facts, even if it means rethinking our own position. We do not need to fight these intellectual battles with rhetoric. We can win them with reason.

Ted Cruz calls Obama out on Newtown shooting

Isn't it nice to see politicians with a spine? Texas' new Senator, Ted Cruz, wasted no time going after President Obama after he took office. Obama's exploitation of the Newtown school shooting was the focus of Cruz's ire when he appeared on Meet the Press. To read his comments on the situation, read the full article right here.

Chuck Norris doesn't watch the news, he makes it

Anybody can give you a job recommendation, but when Chuck Norris gives you a job recommendation, you get to run a country. Chuck endorsed Benjamin Netanyahu for Israeli Prime Minister, who easily won the election. Let's see Obama do that.

To find out more about Chuck's magic endorsement, click right here to read the full story at

Stand up for conservative author Orson Scott Card!

Hugo award-winning author (and outspoken conservative) Orson Scott Card is under fire from liberal gay activists over his stance on gay marriage. They are demanding Card be fired from his upcoming gig writing a Superman comic for DC Comics.

We believe Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American way, and we believe he would support Card's right to free thought and free speech, free from threats and intimidation. We think DC Comics should as well. If you agree, please click here to sign a petition in support of Card. Thanks!

We'll expect your resignation by the morning...

Martin Luther King would fight for the unborn, niece says

The niece of Martin Luther King Jr. is a pro-life activist, and says her uncle would have fought to save the unborn. To read all about Dr. Alveda King's thoughts on issue, click right here to read the full story at!

Darth Vader thinks Obama is a coward

After Star Wars fans petitioned President Obama to build a Death Star, the man who throws money at EVERYTHING refused, citing high costs. That led the Galactic Empire (yes, we're serious) to issue a statement via, calling Obama's decision cowardly. Who are we to argue with Darth Vader?

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MSNBC, O'Donnell let their bigotry show

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell assured his place in hell recently when he went on a rant against the use of the Bible during the Obama Inauguration. What else do you expect from MSNBC's golden boy? To find out exactly what his problem was, click right here to read my column at

What would Jesus say about immigration reform?

For my fellow Republican friends, who get their shorts in a bunch over immigration reform, I'd like to remind them of the parable of the Good Samaritan. A man from Jerusalem was beaten, robbed, and left on the side of the road. A priest and a Levite passed by but did not help him, thinking it was not their problem. A Samaritan, however, a man from a different region and culture, helped the man, treated his wounds, and paid for his care.

Jesus then asked who was the best neighbor to the man. Obviously, it was the one who went out of his way to help - at personal cost with no thought of return or payback. Jesus then said, "Go and do likewise."

When we see the overwhelming violence and poverty in Mexico, and yet choose to pass by, and pretend their suffering is none of our concern, and refuse to welcome them to our country - a country in which most of us are not native to ourselves - we defy the lesson of Christ.

Do we continue to place the blame for our problems on illegals, and characterize them as evil or selfish consumers of our resources, or will we follow Christ's example? Will we allow our own hate and prejudice to define our actions, or will we show mercy and forgiveness as God has shown us?