Another Hollywood hater....

No real surprise here: a Hollywood producer compares Tea Partiers to Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth. To see even more proof why we call California the Left Coast, click here to read the full story at

Bill Maher gets a cold reception to his religious hatred

Bill Maher has been a shameless religious bigot for years, and when he tried his schtick attacking Christians on the Jay Leno Show, the audience did not take it well. Click here to read all about their reaction.

Obama's secret tax hike hits the middle class hard

You might have noticed your paychecks have gotten smaller lately. That is thanks to a tax hike Obama instituted, but didn't mention to anyone. Worse yet, the media didn't either, and never questioned the President over his lie. To read all about the secret tax hike, click right here to read the full scoop at

Obama still playing Big Brother

If you have the weird feeling you are being watched, thank President Obama. He and Congress are about to extend his ability to conduct surveillance on any private American citizen without a public judge's warrant. He didn't like it when President Bush was doing it, but now, he doesn't seem to mind it so much. Click here to read our full article about it at

The truth about Columbine's armed guard

The next time you hear someone say armed guards in schools don't help, point them to our report on the Columbine shooting in 1999. Despite what some argue, the armed guard saved many lives by escorting kids to safety and distracting the gunmen. To read it yourself, click right here to read our report at

Michael Moore: A gun for me, not for thee

He's back. Michael Moore, the anti-capitalism millionaire, has long opposed gun ownership, and the recent Newtown shootings have gotten him going again. However, he has a dirty little secret: not only does he have a personal bodyguard to protect him from criminals, that guard carries a gun too. Guns for personal protection is fine in Moore's mind, but the rest of us are on our own, apparently. To find out how America discovered Moore's dirty little secret, click right here to read the full article at

Judd Apatow, always thinking about the kids...

Judd Apatow's new film, This is 40, opened soon after the Newtown shooting, but that didn't mean writer/director Judd Apatow was going to waste time and money editing out a joke about child murder from the film. After all, Hollywood has no effect on society, right?

To read all about Apatow's lack of sensitivity, click right here to read the full column at

This week in irony: Al Gore

This past week, the web was abuzz over news that former Vice President Al Gore had emerged from his not-so-carbon-neutral mansion to sell his failing cable network, Current TV, to the Al Jazeera network. While I'm going to miss all those anti-Mormon documentaries it has been running for the past year, the loss of Current means Americans will now be able to watch a new network that puts a positive spin on the darker side of Islam. Who doesn't like that? Besides, now I can catch up on episodes of Al Jazeera's hit sitcom "Everybody Loves Jihad."

Focusing on the pro-terrorist network would be missing the point, however. This entire episode is a fascinating look at liberal hypocrisy in action. Consider this: Al Gore refused to sell Current TV to Glenn Beck, because he didn't want him to destroy the channel's liberal legacy. He then sells it to Al Jezeera, who proceeds to fire everyone anyway. But at least they don't get to say Glenn Beck fired them.

Gore, a champion of the environment, makes $100 million on the deal, paid by the royal family of the country of Qatar (owners of Al Jazeera), who made their fortune through oil. Apparently, that evil blood money isn't so bad when it's in your pocket. Finally, Gore then makes sure the deal is signed before December 31, to avoid Obama's new higher tax rates on millionaires, rates he once called for himself when he ran for President. And yet, no howls from the liberal left that another millionaire has escaped paying his fair share simply by following the rules. Since Al Gore is THEIR guy, they will swallow their disgust over this ordeal, and look the other way for the greater cause of liberal social progressivism, of which Al plays a big part. Forward!