Hollywood exploits the Newtown tragedy

In the wake of the Newtown school shooting, celebrities decided you cared about their opinions on the tragedy, blanketing Twitter with all sorts of nonsense. Surprise: Hollywood blames everyone but themselves for it, including the guy who popularized teenage mass murderers by writing and directing horror movies like Scream. Click here to read the details at Examiner.com.

Ann Coulter throws Latinos under the bus

Ann Coulter my be a darling to many of us on the right, but that doesn't mean she's always right. Her shameless self-promotion often causes her to say really stupid things, including her recent tirade in which she argued Latinos could never be Republican because they are immoral, lazy people. Gee, thanks Ann.

In response, a group of conservative Republican Latinos is calling Coulter out. You can read all the details by clicking right here.

Psy hates Americans, loves American money

Sure, millions of Americans love Korean singer Psy, but they probably don't know that he hopes they are brutally murdered. To read more about his douchebag style, click right here to read the full story at Examiner.com.

That's no moon, it's an Obama stimulus project!

If President Obama insists on spending us into oblivion, we might as well have some fun along the way. That's why a group of Star Wars fans started a petition to have Obama build a Death Star. We are not joking. For more info, click right here to read the details.

What fiscal cliff? There's a golf course that needs playing....

President Obama is so committed to solving the fiscal cliff crisis, he's willing to scour every golf course in America in search of answers. He's even taking Bill Clinton along. That's dedication, people. To read all the details, click the following link to read my column:
Obama goes golfing with Clinton

Obama hides behind Nixon

One might think 200 dead Mexican innocents would be enough to get folks asking. However, the attention is focused on Obama's release of documents surrounding the Watergate scandal. Which means most of us will be dead before the truth of the Fast and Furious scandal is known, most likely. Click here to read all the details!