Surprise! You pay for all the free ObamaPhones!

President Obama didn't create the free cell phone program, but under his watch, it has doubled in size and cost, and fraud is rampant. One of my readers gave me the forms he received offering him a free phone, and I give you the details. The worst part? You're paying for the billion dollar program through your phone bill. Click the following link to read all the details:
Inside Obama's free cell phone program

Planned Parenthood: 'Thankful' to be killing babies

I'm rarely surprised at the audacity of some liberals, but even I'm taken aback at Planned Parenthood, who seems to have no shame in reveling over their recent victories. This means the killing in their clinics will continue, even if they are afraid to use the "A" word. Even so, they better enjoy it while they can, because one day, the dead will have their say. Until then, you can read my new column at detailing what Planned Parenthood thinks is really important.
Planned Parenthood: 'Thankful' to be killing babies

Here we go again: the 2012 War on Christmas

No surprise here: The Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy still refuse to use the word "Christmas" in any of their advertising. They, and a handful of other companies, made the "naughty" list put out by the American Family Association. to find out who made the list, as well as who made the "nice" list, click the link below to check out our new article:
Companies on 2012 'naughty' list declare war on Christmas

UPS chooses gays over Boy Scouts

UPS will not support the Boy Scouts because they won't allow open homosexuals to serve in their ranks. UPS will, however, continue to support some liberal groups. To find out which ones, click the following link to read my column at
UPS turns their back on the Boy Scouts

The Pell Grant cuts Obama forgot to mention

President Obama has a hard time spreading the wealth sometimes, especially when there's not enough to go around. While telling college students he is expanding their educational opportunities, he actually cut the eligibility for Pell Grants. Didn't hear about it? Don't be surprised. It looks like the media was covering for him once again. However, we have the details for you. Click the following link to read all about it:
College students learn of Obama's secret Pell Grant cuts

Why the GOP got it so wrong with Latinos

My new column for explores why Latinos shunned the GOP this time around. It all comes down to one word: RESPECT. Click the link to read it all:
Republicans' half-hearted approach to Latinos cost them dearly

Calling all Houston Hispanic Republicans!

If you're a Hispanic Republican living in the Houston area, there are people you should meet. Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action is looking for someone like you! Here is a description of their group via their website: "The Republican Hispanic Citizens In Action (RHCIA) is Houston’s most active and fastest growing Republican Hispanic Organization. For more than three years, the RHCIA has been building a foundation of committed individuals interested in conservative government and promoting Republican candidates. Identifying the need for an active grass roots Republican Hispanic coalition, our founder Bernadette McLeroy started with a small group in January 2008.

"This perseverance and a lot of hard work have translated into a strong and united nucleus of dedicated individuals ready to take the RHCIA to its next level of hyper growth and activism. The time to get involved is now."

To find out more about RHCIA and their monthly meetings, click here to visit

Obama supporters celebrate by vandalizing Americans for Tax Reform lobby

Is it too much to ask liberals to stay classy?

According to a Facebook post by Bruce Majors (left), the Libertarian candidate for DC's House of Reps delegate spot, some Obama supporters decided to celebrate the President's reelection by vandalizing the directory display inside the lobby of the Americans for Tax Reform offices in D.C. According to Majors, who was at their offices Wednesday morning, ATR staffers were calling their insurance agent and cleaning up the damage to the directory, but was unsure if there was more vandalism. ATR has not commented on the incident.

Majors, who had signed the ATR Tax Pledge, finished second to Eleanor Holmes Norton for the DC seat, but still managed to get over 13,000 votes, while his party's presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, only managed just over 1,600 votes.

Bart Starr backs another winner

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I've always despised Bart Starr for what he did to the Cowboys in the 1967 "Ice Bowl" that cost Dallas a championship. Now that he's endorsed Romney, however, I might have to re-evaluate my stance. To read all about Starr's support for Mitt, click the following link to read all about it on
Packer legend Bart Starr backs Romney, rallies Green Bay voters

With Obama's hopes fading, he calls upon...Katy Perry?

Obama's ship is sinking, so he counting on celebrities like Katy Perry to keep him afloat. That should help him get reelected, right? Click the following link to read about who is stumping for BHO down the stretch:
Hollywood's last-ditch effort to save Obama

Halo 4's Master Chief vs. Obama

Liberals have created an education system that pumps out kids who only want to sit around and play Halo all day. Ironically, that may come back to haunt Obama, since he will need them to step away from their Xbox and vote for him. My new article for provides the details. Here's the link:
Will Halo 4 cost Obama the election?