Obama's desperate political ads

Want to see something so sad it's funny? Watch these kids recite a song zombie-like in which they predict the end of the world if Mitt Romney is elected. This ad only shows how liberals are at the end of their rope trying to give Obama something even close to momentum. To read the whole story, click the following link to read my column at Examiner.com:
Is the 'Obama Kids' ad the dumbest political ad ever? (video)

Obama goes profane on Romney

"I don't always call my political opponents insulting names, but when I do, it's because I'm running behind in the polls. Stay classy, my friends." - President Barack Obama

My latest Eaminer.com article details the newest screw-up by Barack Obama that the media will totally ignore. Click the following link to read it:
Obama calls Romney a 'bullsh***er' in Rolling Stone

Did Obama's "stink eye" turn voters off?

Did you notice the looks President Obama gave Gov. Romney during the last debate? I was expecting lightning to fly from his fingers while he demanded Mitt go over to the Dark Side. Will this come back to haunt the President? My new column for Examiner.com discusses how debate body language affects voter perception. To read it, click the following link:
Will the Obama 'Death Stare' scare off voters?

Oh, Canada, what are you thinking?

Canada just passed an anti-bullying law that is now being used to keep Catholic schools from teaching that abortion is wrong. Get ready America, because this is where liberals want to take the anti-bullying movement. to find out more, click the following link to read my article at Examiner.com:
Canada's anti-bullying law makes pro-life views a crime

ABC: No joking about Obama!

A report by TV Guide accuses ABC's standards department of not allowing a joke about President Obama to make it to air. If they think that's offensive, what's their excuse for showing Joy Behar's face every day on The View? For all the details, click the following link to read my full column:
ABC censors Tim Allen's Obama joke

Obama's misplaced priorites on display again

President Obama won't talk to reporters that ask tough questions, but radio disc jockeys? He'll do that. He spoke with a DJ in Miami Friday, and guess what the first thing out of his mouth was? About what you'd expect. Click the following link to read the full article with all the details:
As Americans suffer, Obama focuses on Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud

Obama follows the freaks on Twitter

President Barack Obama doesn't follow Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan on Twitter, but he does follow a number of weirdos and perverts. And Hugh Jackman. Not that we think Jackman is a pervert, but it is odd that Obama follows him. To find out more about what in the world is up with his Twitter account, click the following link:
Why does Obama follow Spencer Pratt, a porn star, and Wolverine on Twitter?

Really, Eva Longoria? REALLY?

Eva Longoria may be a co-chair of President Obama's reelection campaign, but that doesn't mean she has to be civil with what she says, apparently. During last night's debate, she tweeted a rape joke about Paul Ryan, and made no apologies for it. To read all about what she said, click the following link to read the entire story at Examiner.com:
Eva Longoria tweets rape joke about Paul Ryan

Samuel L. Jackson's Twitter war on Stacey Dash

Samuel L. Jackson can't stand anyone even thinking about being a Republican, especially an African American. That's why he took to Twitter to attack actress Stacey Dash for voicing her support for Mitt Romney. What a guy.

To read all about what Jackson did, click the following link to read the full story at Examiner.com:
From Jedi to jerk: Sam Jackson mad at Stacey Dash over Romney support

Mila Kunis: All looks, no brains

Mila Kunis took the opportunity of being named the Sexiest Woman Alive to tell everyone how sick she is hearing about Jesus. Oh, and she hates Republicans too. Ah, Mila. So pretty. So incredibly useless.

To read the full story behind her hateful comments, click the following link:
Mila Kunis is sick of Jesus and the GOP