Even without Glee, the CW is the gayest TV network

I know what you're thinking: there aren't enough gay people on TV. According to GLAAD, you're right. My latest Examiner.com article fills in the details.
GLAAD: The CW is the gayest TV network in America

Obama campaign: Paul Ryan lies, so send us some money

Liberals. They do love the drama, and nothing says drama like a good villain.  Since they can't find any decent villains, Paul Ryan will have to do. In an email from Obama for America's Jim Messina, Democrats call Ryan a liar for his RNC speech, but that's only if you ignore things like the truth.

Of course, the whole thing is just a ruse to ask for more money. I guess the low Hollywood summer box office is affecting donations from the left coast. Whatever the reason, you can check out my new Examiner.com article by clicking below and finding out just how dubious the Democrats' claims of lies really are.
Obama campaign: Paul Ryan lied in RNC speech

Clay Aiken has officially lost it

Apparently, watching the Republican National Convention is driving liberals to the brink of insanity. Look what happened to Clay Aiken. Our latest column for Examiner.com details it all. Click the link below to read!
RNC sends Clay Aiken on racist Twitter rant

Media ignores Ted Cruz's RNC speech

Ted Cruz, the Republican Senatorial candidate from Texas, is among a new generation of Hispanic leaders in the GOP, but you would not know it from watching media coverage of the Republican National Convention.

On Tuesday night, Cruz took the podium at the RNC in Tampa immediately after former Sen. Rick Santorum spoke, but rather than give him air time, media news outlets including MSNBC and CNN did not show the speech. PBS and C-SPAN were the only major national news broadcasters to show his entire speech, which was met with loud applause and cheers from convention delegates.

Cruz said America is witnessing a "great awakening...a national movement of 'we the people,' brought together by what unites us, a shared love of liberty."

Cruz also spoke of his background, including the history of his mother, and the struggles of his father, who was imprisoned and tortured in Cuba before he could escape to Texas with $100 sewn into his underwear. He also blasted the Obama administration for their handling of the economy the last four years. "Government is not the answer. You are not doing anyone a favor by creating dependency, destroying individual responsibility," he said.

MSNBC's coverage of the Republican National Convention has been especially critical, blasting the GOP on issues like abortion, health care, and immigration. As Red Alert Politics pointed out, however, MSNBC chose to ignore all minorities the GOP featured Tuesday night in their television coverage.

Not only did MSNBC refuse to show a moment of the Ted Cruz speech, but they also chose not to show speeches by former Democratic Rep. Arthur Davis (who is African American), Puerto Rican First Lady Vela Fortuno, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, and Utah Congressional candidate Mia Love (who is African American). Instead, they featured the commentary of Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.

Hollywood shocker: '2016: Obama's America' makes box office top ten

Hollywood is beside itself over the fact that the little movie that could is doing so well at the box office. My latest article for Examiner.com (linked below) breaks it down. Enjoy!
Hollywood shocker: '2016: Obama's America' makes box office top ten

Does Obama support infanticide? Watch the video...

Obama has decided to make abortion part of the national debate again, and he may come to regret it. Video of Obama as a state senator arguing against giving medical attention to babies that survive abortion has come to light once again. My article for Examiner.com features the video, and proves just how radical Obama really is. Click the following link to check it out.
Video: Obama against saving babies who survive abortion

Yes, you paid for Maddow's Supercuts haircut.

Obama has made a habit of finding ways to support his supporters monetarily (hello, Solyndra). Now, we have found out that the White House bought half a million in advertising on MSNBC. I hope all seven of MSNBC's viewers appreciate it. Click the link below to read my article about it all on Examiner.com.
White House uses taxpayer money to fund MSNBC

Republican gag gift sticks it to Obama's stimulus

My latest article for Examiner profiles a cool little item that no Republican should be without: The Stimulus Starter Kit! Now that "Hope and Change" thing really can benefit you! You can click here to visit the product website or click below to read my article!
Republican novelty item mocks Obama stimulus plan

The cupcake Nazis are on the prowl in Maine

Schools in Portland, Maine have banned cupcakes during birthday parties because officials think kids are too dang fat. Instead, they suggest (and I'm not kidding) string cheese and hummus. Happy birthday in Obama's America.

To read more about this insanity, check out my article at Examiner.com by clicking the link below:
Maine schools ban birthday cupcakes

Obama to Romney voter: No free beer for you!

 What happened when Obama ran into a Romney voter in Iowa? Exactly what you think would happen: Obama became a petty, vindictive jerk. Click the link below to read my latest article on Examiner.com about it.
Obama to Romney voter: No free beer for you!

By the way, you can click the picture to the left and get a much larger version to share on social media sites.

More Chick-fil-A stories

Just because the "Support Chick-fil-A Day" is over, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be visiting and getting your freedom-loving hands on a spicy chicken sandwich. As a reminder, here are some of our stories about the controversy we ran at Examiner.com:

Glee's Jane Lynch: F*** Chick-fil-A
Gay activists vandalize Chick-fil-A
CNN plays "Stupid Girls" during Sarah Palin/Chick-fil-A segment
Despite 10% unemployment, Chicago says no to Chick-fil-A jobs

Buck Rogers comes to Chick-fil-A's defense

It should come as no surprise that a number of Hollywood actors have been critical of Chick-fil-A after the recent controversy in which the president of the company stated that he supported traditional marriage. Those who supported Chick-fil-A and freedom of speech have a new champion: actor Gil Gerard, who became an American pop culture icon by playing Buck Rogers on TV in the 1970s and 1980s on the classic show "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century."

Gerard, the 69 year old actor who played the quintessential hero on the NBC show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, has never shied away from speaking his mind to his 5,000 followers via his Facebook page. On Easter Sunday 2012, he made clear his Christian faith by celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and acknowledged his Jewish friends and fans celebrating Passover.

When the recent Chick-fil-A controversy began to stir, Gerard entered the fray by posting a image on his Facebook page supportive of the restaurant chain. He even joined a Facebook group supporting Chick-fil-A and freedom of speech.

While the majority of his followers seemed supportive, some took offense. One decided to address Gerard directly, causing the actor to post the following message on his page:
"I received a personal message from an anonymous (of course) person who accused me of supporting bigotry because, I assume, I had shared the photo of the poster relating to the whole Chick-fil-A thing.

"As far as I can ascertain the owner of Chick-fil-A made no derogatory statement regarding homosexuals or homosexuality itself, nor did he propose taking any actions against homosexuals, as in firing any who work for him or denying service to any who came to his stores.

"What I did find was that a man expressed an opinion regarding gay marriage, which he is entitled to do under the rights guaranteed him by our Constitution, and he was promptly attacked as being anti-gay. Don't see it, haven't seen it, hope not to see it 'cause I can't support bigotry.

"I would think that the gay community should look to themselves and think about the bigotry implied in their stance, after all, the man only expressed an opinion, simply engaged in civil discourse, didn't call any names, or recommend that action be taken against anyone."

Gerard's statement caused even more furor for some, insistent that a stand for Chick-fil-A was anti-gay. They pointed to information provided by the left-leaning website Equality Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center, but an examination of the information provided does little to prove the restaurant chain as anti-gay. They site the rather benign and well-respected organizations Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Focus on the Family as anti-gay, only on the basis that their Christian beliefs state homosexuality is a sin.

Gerard later said that if he ever saw proof that Chick-fil-A supported bigotry of homosexuals, he would withdraw his support.

Many of Gil's fans took note that he was attempting to have a civil yet fair debate about the issue. Alan Slonaker posted on Gerard's Facebook page "Gil, I'm starting to believe that your page may be one of the last bastions of civil discourse on the internet. It's nice to see and greatly appreciated."

Rick Santorum scares the heck out of the True Blood creator

There's nothing quite like liberal panic. It's actually quite entertaining, with a pinch of pathetic mixed in. When Rick Santorum made his run for the Presidency, the left attacked him relentlessly, deathly afraid the strong conservative might actually end up running the country.

Santorum still scares the heebie-jeebies out of some, even though he is out of the political limelight somewhat. Alan Ball, the guy who created the HBO vampire series True Blood, is so scared of Santorum that he used him as the basis for a villain on the show. Seriously. To find out why Santorum puts Ball's shorts in a bunch, click right here to read my column at Examiner.com.