Hollywood exploits the Newtown tragedy

In the wake of the Newtown school shooting, celebrities decided you cared about their opinions on the tragedy, blanketing Twitter with all sorts of nonsense. Surprise: Hollywood blames everyone but themselves for it, including the guy who popularized teenage mass murderers by writing and directing horror movies like Scream. Click here to read the details at Examiner.com.

Ann Coulter throws Latinos under the bus

Ann Coulter my be a darling to many of us on the right, but that doesn't mean she's always right. Her shameless self-promotion often causes her to say really stupid things, including her recent tirade in which she argued Latinos could never be Republican because they are immoral, lazy people. Gee, thanks Ann.

In response, a group of conservative Republican Latinos is calling Coulter out. You can read all the details by clicking right here.

Psy hates Americans, loves American money

Sure, millions of Americans love Korean singer Psy, but they probably don't know that he hopes they are brutally murdered. To read more about his douchebag style, click right here to read the full story at Examiner.com.

That's no moon, it's an Obama stimulus project!

If President Obama insists on spending us into oblivion, we might as well have some fun along the way. That's why a group of Star Wars fans started a petition to have Obama build a Death Star. We are not joking. For more info, click right here to read the details.

What fiscal cliff? There's a golf course that needs playing....

President Obama is so committed to solving the fiscal cliff crisis, he's willing to scour every golf course in America in search of answers. He's even taking Bill Clinton along. That's dedication, people. To read all the details, click the following link to read my column:
Obama goes golfing with Clinton

Obama hides behind Nixon

One might think 200 dead Mexican innocents would be enough to get folks asking. However, the attention is focused on Obama's release of documents surrounding the Watergate scandal. Which means most of us will be dead before the truth of the Fast and Furious scandal is known, most likely. Click here to read all the details!

Surprise! You pay for all the free ObamaPhones!

President Obama didn't create the free cell phone program, but under his watch, it has doubled in size and cost, and fraud is rampant. One of my readers gave me the forms he received offering him a free phone, and I give you the details. The worst part? You're paying for the billion dollar program through your phone bill. Click the following link to read all the details:
Inside Obama's free cell phone program

Planned Parenthood: 'Thankful' to be killing babies

I'm rarely surprised at the audacity of some liberals, but even I'm taken aback at Planned Parenthood, who seems to have no shame in reveling over their recent victories. This means the killing in their clinics will continue, even if they are afraid to use the "A" word. Even so, they better enjoy it while they can, because one day, the dead will have their say. Until then, you can read my new column at Examiner.com detailing what Planned Parenthood thinks is really important.
Planned Parenthood: 'Thankful' to be killing babies

Here we go again: the 2012 War on Christmas

No surprise here: The Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy still refuse to use the word "Christmas" in any of their advertising. They, and a handful of other companies, made the "naughty" list put out by the American Family Association. to find out who made the list, as well as who made the "nice" list, click the link below to check out our new article:
Companies on 2012 'naughty' list declare war on Christmas

UPS chooses gays over Boy Scouts

UPS will not support the Boy Scouts because they won't allow open homosexuals to serve in their ranks. UPS will, however, continue to support some liberal groups. To find out which ones, click the following link to read my column at Examiner.com:
UPS turns their back on the Boy Scouts

The Pell Grant cuts Obama forgot to mention

President Obama has a hard time spreading the wealth sometimes, especially when there's not enough to go around. While telling college students he is expanding their educational opportunities, he actually cut the eligibility for Pell Grants. Didn't hear about it? Don't be surprised. It looks like the media was covering for him once again. However, we have the details for you. Click the following link to read all about it:
College students learn of Obama's secret Pell Grant cuts

Why the GOP got it so wrong with Latinos

My new column for Examiner.com explores why Latinos shunned the GOP this time around. It all comes down to one word: RESPECT. Click the link to read it all:
Republicans' half-hearted approach to Latinos cost them dearly

Calling all Houston Hispanic Republicans!

If you're a Hispanic Republican living in the Houston area, there are people you should meet. Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action is looking for someone like you! Here is a description of their group via their website: "The Republican Hispanic Citizens In Action (RHCIA) is Houston’s most active and fastest growing Republican Hispanic Organization. For more than three years, the RHCIA has been building a foundation of committed individuals interested in conservative government and promoting Republican candidates. Identifying the need for an active grass roots Republican Hispanic coalition, our founder Bernadette McLeroy started with a small group in January 2008.

"This perseverance and a lot of hard work have translated into a strong and united nucleus of dedicated individuals ready to take the RHCIA to its next level of hyper growth and activism. The time to get involved is now."

To find out more about RHCIA and their monthly meetings, click here to visit RHCIA.org.

Obama supporters celebrate by vandalizing Americans for Tax Reform lobby

Is it too much to ask liberals to stay classy?

According to a Facebook post by Bruce Majors (left), the Libertarian candidate for DC's House of Reps delegate spot, some Obama supporters decided to celebrate the President's reelection by vandalizing the directory display inside the lobby of the Americans for Tax Reform offices in D.C. According to Majors, who was at their offices Wednesday morning, ATR staffers were calling their insurance agent and cleaning up the damage to the directory, but was unsure if there was more vandalism. ATR has not commented on the incident.

Majors, who had signed the ATR Tax Pledge, finished second to Eleanor Holmes Norton for the DC seat, but still managed to get over 13,000 votes, while his party's presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, only managed just over 1,600 votes.

Bart Starr backs another winner

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I've always despised Bart Starr for what he did to the Cowboys in the 1967 "Ice Bowl" that cost Dallas a championship. Now that he's endorsed Romney, however, I might have to re-evaluate my stance. To read all about Starr's support for Mitt, click the following link to read all about it on Examiner.com:
Packer legend Bart Starr backs Romney, rallies Green Bay voters

With Obama's hopes fading, he calls upon...Katy Perry?

Obama's ship is sinking, so he counting on celebrities like Katy Perry to keep him afloat. That should help him get reelected, right? Click the following link to read about who is stumping for BHO down the stretch:
Hollywood's last-ditch effort to save Obama

Halo 4's Master Chief vs. Obama

Liberals have created an education system that pumps out kids who only want to sit around and play Halo all day. Ironically, that may come back to haunt Obama, since he will need them to step away from their Xbox and vote for him. My new article for Examiner.com provides the details. Here's the link:
Will Halo 4 cost Obama the election?

Obama's desperate political ads

Want to see something so sad it's funny? Watch these kids recite a song zombie-like in which they predict the end of the world if Mitt Romney is elected. This ad only shows how liberals are at the end of their rope trying to give Obama something even close to momentum. To read the whole story, click the following link to read my column at Examiner.com:
Is the 'Obama Kids' ad the dumbest political ad ever? (video)

Obama goes profane on Romney

"I don't always call my political opponents insulting names, but when I do, it's because I'm running behind in the polls. Stay classy, my friends." - President Barack Obama

My latest Eaminer.com article details the newest screw-up by Barack Obama that the media will totally ignore. Click the following link to read it:
Obama calls Romney a 'bullsh***er' in Rolling Stone

Did Obama's "stink eye" turn voters off?

Did you notice the looks President Obama gave Gov. Romney during the last debate? I was expecting lightning to fly from his fingers while he demanded Mitt go over to the Dark Side. Will this come back to haunt the President? My new column for Examiner.com discusses how debate body language affects voter perception. To read it, click the following link:
Will the Obama 'Death Stare' scare off voters?

Oh, Canada, what are you thinking?

Canada just passed an anti-bullying law that is now being used to keep Catholic schools from teaching that abortion is wrong. Get ready America, because this is where liberals want to take the anti-bullying movement. to find out more, click the following link to read my article at Examiner.com:
Canada's anti-bullying law makes pro-life views a crime

ABC: No joking about Obama!

A report by TV Guide accuses ABC's standards department of not allowing a joke about President Obama to make it to air. If they think that's offensive, what's their excuse for showing Joy Behar's face every day on The View? For all the details, click the following link to read my full column:
ABC censors Tim Allen's Obama joke

Obama's misplaced priorites on display again

President Obama won't talk to reporters that ask tough questions, but radio disc jockeys? He'll do that. He spoke with a DJ in Miami Friday, and guess what the first thing out of his mouth was? About what you'd expect. Click the following link to read the full article with all the details:
As Americans suffer, Obama focuses on Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud

Obama follows the freaks on Twitter

President Barack Obama doesn't follow Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan on Twitter, but he does follow a number of weirdos and perverts. And Hugh Jackman. Not that we think Jackman is a pervert, but it is odd that Obama follows him. To find out more about what in the world is up with his Twitter account, click the following link:
Why does Obama follow Spencer Pratt, a porn star, and Wolverine on Twitter?

Really, Eva Longoria? REALLY?

Eva Longoria may be a co-chair of President Obama's reelection campaign, but that doesn't mean she has to be civil with what she says, apparently. During last night's debate, she tweeted a rape joke about Paul Ryan, and made no apologies for it. To read all about what she said, click the following link to read the entire story at Examiner.com:
Eva Longoria tweets rape joke about Paul Ryan

Samuel L. Jackson's Twitter war on Stacey Dash

Samuel L. Jackson can't stand anyone even thinking about being a Republican, especially an African American. That's why he took to Twitter to attack actress Stacey Dash for voicing her support for Mitt Romney. What a guy.

To read all about what Jackson did, click the following link to read the full story at Examiner.com:
From Jedi to jerk: Sam Jackson mad at Stacey Dash over Romney support

Mila Kunis: All looks, no brains

Mila Kunis took the opportunity of being named the Sexiest Woman Alive to tell everyone how sick she is hearing about Jesus. Oh, and she hates Republicans too. Ah, Mila. So pretty. So incredibly useless.

To read the full story behind her hateful comments, click the following link:
Mila Kunis is sick of Jesus and the GOP

Seventeen Magazine and Planned Parenthood team up to give your teen R-rated sex advice

Seventeen Magazine was created in the 1940s to help young girls grow up into responsible young women. Now, it teams up with Planned Parenthood to give minors advice on sex acts that belong in a hard core porno. My new article explains it all; click the following link to read it on Examiner.com:
Seventeen Magazine gives R-rated sex advice to teens

Just try keeping up with Obama's millionaire celebrity pals

I decided to compile a list of all the celebrities that President Obama spends time with, holds fundraisers with, and gives special treatment to. I figured it was George Clooney and a handful of others. The list is at 41 and counting. You might not like some of the names here, especially if you are a fan. If you dare, click the following link to see who I named.
President Obama's top Hollywood celebrity obsessions

Oh, those silly white liberals

We know just the sight of President Obama sends chills up liberal legs and makes progressive women swoon, but can he make you forget your race? A new Obama campaign video features some confused white chicks.  Or maybe wishful thinkers, you decide. Click the following link to read all about it:
Campaign ad has white people holding 'African Americans for Obama' signs

One Nation Under Obama

Obama don't need no stinkin' states. Not when his ego is big enough to fill the star field of an American flag. This is an actual art print offered by the Obama campaign, who still does not "get" that our nation's symbols have a sacred meaning. My new article explains it all. Click right here to read it!

Obama thinks he's Jay-Z, wishes little girls were "bootylicious" like Beyonce.

So, the 47% think Obama is their champion. They may not want to know, then, that he prefers to hang with Jay-Z and Beyonce then see them struggle under his policies. My new article has the ugly details of his night in NYC. Click the following link to read it all:
Obama: I'm like Jay-Z, Beyonce a role model for little girls

Olbermann is still alive, still irrelevant.

Keith Olbermann, bless his heart, needs a little attention. He's now going after conservative radio host Dana Loesch, but doesn't want anyone seeing her responses. That's one way to win an argument. My latest article for Examiner.com covers it all! Click the link below to read it.
Gutless Olbermann attacks Dana Loesch on Twitter, then blocks her responses

Ted Cruz schools PC Obama on terrorism

Ted Cruz isn't afraid to call it like it is, and now he's calling out the President over his soft stance on terrorism. Click the following link to read my new Examiner.com article!
Ted Cruz: Obama can't say "radical Islamic terrorist"

Four sweatshirts and a funeral

Our President never misses the chance to raise money for his reelection. Not even in the middle of the memorial service for our murdered ambassador and former Navy SEALS. My new Examiner.com article has all the details. Click the following link to read it all:
Obama sells shirts on Twitter during embassy memorial service

Website wants American Muslim leaders to apologize

A new website by a conservative group is demanding accountability and a moral stand from America's Muslim community. On the heels of deadly terrorist attacks on embassies in Libya and Egypt, DemandAnApology.com is seeking signers for an open letter asking American Islamic leaders to condemn the actions.

DemandAnApology.com is the creation of The Conservative Caucus and The Response Action Network, and asks visitors to the site to sign the open letter that states the following:

"In wake of the 9/11/12 attacks of our embassies in Egypt and Libya, we demand that all American Muslim leaders immediately:

• Condemn the deaths of their fellow Americans at the hands of radical Muslims, and apologize to the families of those killed.
• Renounce any effort to impose or enforce extremist Sharia Law within the United States.
• Reject literal interpretations of violent directives in the Quran.
• Pledge to respect the freedom of speech and of all Americans from religious violence."

In a press release, Conservative Caucus chairman Peter Thomas states "Our very way of life is under direct attack by the religious intolerance of a group of people who hate us for our freedom, and we must make a clear and bold statement. These Mosques enjoy the privilege of non-profit tax status, and the constitutionally protected freedom to spread their views within our communities. The least they can do is speak out and condemn these murders of their fellow Americans."

Thomas also outlined their demands in more detail. "We demand that the leaders of every Mosque condemn the deaths of their fellow Americans at the hands of radical Muslims, and apologize directly to the families of those killed. We demand that these leaders openly reject any and all efforts to spread or enforce extremist Sharia Law within the United States," he said.

"We demand they reject violent directives within the Quran, including Chapter 8, Verse 39, 'Fight them until there is no more Fitnah (worshiping others besides Allah) and the religion will all be for Allah alone.' We demand that Islamic leaders around the world pledge to respect our Christian culture, the freedom of speech, and the independence of our nation from Sharia Law and religious violence."

Annoy a liberal by sharing, tweeting, or pinning these images!

Click each image to get the full version! Share it on Facebook or Pin It!

The President's misplaced priorities

He may not have time time to sit in on national security briefings, or meet with his Jobs Council, or have a sit-down with our only ally in the Middle East, but President Obama finds the time to fly Air Force One to New York and sit on David Letterman's couch. This is Forward?

My latest column for Examiner.com describes the President's snub of Israeli PM Netanyahu, while making time for Letterman. Click the following link to read it all:
Obama makes time for Letterman, but not Israeli PM Netanyahu

Obama skips 9/11 mention to talk reelection

Unfortunately, President Obama has injected politics into 9/11, AGAIN. To read our report on what he tweeted, click the link below:
Obama forgets 9/11 anniversary, tweets for reelection instead

Cardinal Timothy Dolan 'prayerbombs' the DNC

God made sure His will was spoken at the Democratic National Convention after they tried to keep Him out of the platform. He just used Cardinal Dolan to do it. Click the following link to read all about it:
Cardinal Timothy Dolan 'prayerbombs' the DNC

Now debating tax cuts: Lindsay Lohan and Pauley Perrette. Seriously.

Lindsay Lohan wants Obama to cut taxes, while Pauley Perrette wants to see her taxes raised. No matter who wins this argument, we all lose. Seriously, when Lindsay Lohan is the right one in this argument, can it ever end well? My latest column for Examiner.com features the debate. Click the following link to read it:
Lindsay Lohan wants tax cuts; Pauley Perrette wants to pay more taxes

Scarlett Johansson wants you to take care of her friends

At her DNC speech, Scarlett Johansson praised baby killers Planned Parenthood and said taxpayers should take care of her friends' medical needs. Ah Scarlett, so pretty, so clueless. Click the link below to read my full Examiner.com column on her rantings.
Scarlett Johansson's bizarre, selfish DNC speech

The Lord is not happy with the Dude or the DNC

Two days after He sent a storm to destroy a sandy graven image of Barack Obama, the Lord hath struck again, this time ending Jeff Bridges' concert for Democrats at the National Convention in Charlotte. Click the link below to read the tale:
God rains out Jeff Bridges' DNC concert

Even without Glee, the CW is the gayest TV network

I know what you're thinking: there aren't enough gay people on TV. According to GLAAD, you're right. My latest Examiner.com article fills in the details.
GLAAD: The CW is the gayest TV network in America

Obama campaign: Paul Ryan lies, so send us some money

Liberals. They do love the drama, and nothing says drama like a good villain.  Since they can't find any decent villains, Paul Ryan will have to do. In an email from Obama for America's Jim Messina, Democrats call Ryan a liar for his RNC speech, but that's only if you ignore things like the truth.

Of course, the whole thing is just a ruse to ask for more money. I guess the low Hollywood summer box office is affecting donations from the left coast. Whatever the reason, you can check out my new Examiner.com article by clicking below and finding out just how dubious the Democrats' claims of lies really are.
Obama campaign: Paul Ryan lied in RNC speech

Clay Aiken has officially lost it

Apparently, watching the Republican National Convention is driving liberals to the brink of insanity. Look what happened to Clay Aiken. Our latest column for Examiner.com details it all. Click the link below to read!
RNC sends Clay Aiken on racist Twitter rant

Media ignores Ted Cruz's RNC speech

Ted Cruz, the Republican Senatorial candidate from Texas, is among a new generation of Hispanic leaders in the GOP, but you would not know it from watching media coverage of the Republican National Convention.

On Tuesday night, Cruz took the podium at the RNC in Tampa immediately after former Sen. Rick Santorum spoke, but rather than give him air time, media news outlets including MSNBC and CNN did not show the speech. PBS and C-SPAN were the only major national news broadcasters to show his entire speech, which was met with loud applause and cheers from convention delegates.

Cruz said America is witnessing a "great awakening...a national movement of 'we the people,' brought together by what unites us, a shared love of liberty."

Cruz also spoke of his background, including the history of his mother, and the struggles of his father, who was imprisoned and tortured in Cuba before he could escape to Texas with $100 sewn into his underwear. He also blasted the Obama administration for their handling of the economy the last four years. "Government is not the answer. You are not doing anyone a favor by creating dependency, destroying individual responsibility," he said.

MSNBC's coverage of the Republican National Convention has been especially critical, blasting the GOP on issues like abortion, health care, and immigration. As Red Alert Politics pointed out, however, MSNBC chose to ignore all minorities the GOP featured Tuesday night in their television coverage.

Not only did MSNBC refuse to show a moment of the Ted Cruz speech, but they also chose not to show speeches by former Democratic Rep. Arthur Davis (who is African American), Puerto Rican First Lady Vela Fortuno, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, and Utah Congressional candidate Mia Love (who is African American). Instead, they featured the commentary of Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.

Hollywood shocker: '2016: Obama's America' makes box office top ten

Hollywood is beside itself over the fact that the little movie that could is doing so well at the box office. My latest article for Examiner.com (linked below) breaks it down. Enjoy!
Hollywood shocker: '2016: Obama's America' makes box office top ten

Does Obama support infanticide? Watch the video...

Obama has decided to make abortion part of the national debate again, and he may come to regret it. Video of Obama as a state senator arguing against giving medical attention to babies that survive abortion has come to light once again. My article for Examiner.com features the video, and proves just how radical Obama really is. Click the following link to check it out.
Video: Obama against saving babies who survive abortion

Yes, you paid for Maddow's Supercuts haircut.

Obama has made a habit of finding ways to support his supporters monetarily (hello, Solyndra). Now, we have found out that the White House bought half a million in advertising on MSNBC. I hope all seven of MSNBC's viewers appreciate it. Click the link below to read my article about it all on Examiner.com.
White House uses taxpayer money to fund MSNBC

Republican gag gift sticks it to Obama's stimulus

My latest article for Examiner profiles a cool little item that no Republican should be without: The Stimulus Starter Kit! Now that "Hope and Change" thing really can benefit you! You can click here to visit the product website or click below to read my article!
Republican novelty item mocks Obama stimulus plan