Robot Obama footage from 1991!

Well, this is disturbing. This YouTube video lends proof to the theory that Obama is a robot from the future on a mission to destroy America. Maybe North Korea perfected time travel or something.

Anyway, it is hard to believe that a little work on his delivery can take the guy (or robot) you see here and put him in the Oval Office. Or maybe he just activated his emotion chip. 

Anyway, why are we only seeing this NOW, from a third party? Did TBS and its owner, mega-liberal Ted Turner, forget Obama did this? Not likely.

This week in irony

Today's protest outside the White House saw thousands upset over the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline project, which would send oil derived from tar sands in Canada to Texas and Louisiana to be refined. The pipeline would create thousands of new American jobs and would cut the amount of oil we buy from the Arab world.

Of course, that does not sit well with radical environmentalists and amateur anarchists. A group of angry college students left their college in Vermont and traveled by oil-guzzling bus to Washington to voice their displeasure. They then burned even more oil to go home. It's OK though, because oil burned during good intentions doesn't hurt the environment.