Still, I'd vote for President Zuckerberg over this guy...

Barack Obama is a lot like the upgrades to Facebook. There were plenty of promises of how great the change would be for us, but we were all left disappointed and angry at the results.

Need a job? Obama's hiring, but he isn't paying

Obama is looking for people to work long, hard hours for his campaign, but in true socialist fashion, he isn't paying a red cent in salary. To find out more, click right here to read our latest column.

Another facepalm moment for Obama

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our commander-in-chief, head of our armed forces, and leader of the free world, acting like a beauty pageant contestant at the UN. During a photo op on September 20, 2011, President Obama decided to wave at everyone, obscuring the face of Mongolia's leader and making a face Rush Limbaugh described as something akin to Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine. Why is this man so starved for attention?

Obama runs and hides from 14 million unemployed Americans

A new jobs report released today showed America created no new jobs last month. Every time a report is released, no matter how bad it is, President Obama will appear to make a statement and spin it to a positive thing. This one was so bad, that when it was released, Obama skipped a statement for the first time and took off for Camp David. It must be nice to be able to run away from your mistakes.