Obama uses invisible ninja skills on golf course

Barack Obama was out playing golf again today at a private course in Martha's Vineyard, but when a group of TV cameras tried to catch him teeing off on hole #8 (which is visible to people on the street), the President skipped the hole to avoid being filmed. Could Obama really have a conscience? Or just a sense of shame? Or is he....a ninja?

National Lampoon's Obama Vacation

Obama's "Throw the Economy Under the Bus Tour" is over. He now goes on vacation, just to prove to work-weary Americans that vacations, in fact, still exist.

At least someone is having a good time...

With the economy circling the drain, what is Obama doing? PLAYING GOLF! Hey, Barry Hussein, no mulligans on the economy for you.

Nothing says "empowered woman" like a....Playboy bunny?

Ah, Hollywood liberals, what a hypocritical lot. The same folks who scream for equal rights for women then turn around and make sexist attacks on Republican women they don't like. Now, they are trying to convince us that drivel like NBC's new show "The Playboy Club" actually EMPOWERS women. As proof, they offer this clip featuring actress and professed lesbian Amber Heard cowering in fear while wearing a revealing outfit. You've come a long way, baby.