Lady Gaga Joins the Gay Mafia

Never heard of the Gay Mafia? Think they are made up? That's what they want you to think! Worse, they have recruited Lady Gaga as one of their enforcers! Actually, that probably isn't a surprise, but you can find out how Gaga tried to strong arm Target stores into thinking like her. You can read about how she showed them her intolerant face by clicking right here to read my column at

Liberal Fail of the Week: Singing Wisconsin Protesters

When liberals think they are making a difference, it can be a bit sad, but mostly it's just funny. Case in point: during the recent Wisconsin union protests, this bizarre moment was caught on video and posted to YouTube. Either the cast of Les Miserables showed up to perform, or some time-traveling French anarchists from the Revolution found their way into the Madison Capitol. I just love how the guy in front thinks if he sings louder and with a little more gusto, all of their problems will just go away. I don't know what sort of romantic ideas he had that his little American Idol audition would actually change minds, but at least it makes you laugh. Check out the hippie drum circle member trying to play along, or better yet, check out the faces of the protesters in the background, all wondering where these singing idiots came from. Why they chose to sing songs from Les Miserables is beyond me. Don't these folks know any good Bob Dylan?

Remember now, unlike people protesting for their freedom, these folks are protesting the fact they they do not want to pay 5% into their own pensions! They want you, the taxpayer, to pay it for them. They might as well be singing into hairbrushes in front of their bedroom mirror, because their musical hissy-fit was all for naught. Didn't Obama say we all had to do our part to help the economic recovery? Now they get their chance!