One of these butts is not like the others

Pop quiz, hotshots: These are three first ladies of different countries. From left to right, they are Princess Letizia of Spain, French first lady Carla Bruni, and USA First Lady Michelle Obama (you can click on the pic to see a, ahem, larger version). Now, out of the three, which do you suppose has led the charge to regulate how we eat and dictate our lifestyles, to the point that San Francisco has outlawed Happy Meals?

Now, I can appreciate Mrs. Obama trying to help America eat healthier, but let me ask you this: if a Republican with some "junk in the trunk," were saying the same things about eating healthy, would the media let it slide? This is the same media that joined with Kathy Griffin to mock Bristol Palin when she didn't lose weight while on Dancing with the Stars. They love a good hypocrite, but give Michelle Obama a pass. And so it goes.