Robot Obama footage from 1991!

Well, this is disturbing. This YouTube video lends proof to the theory that Obama is a robot from the future on a mission to destroy America. Maybe North Korea perfected time travel or something.

Anyway, it is hard to believe that a little work on his delivery can take the guy (or robot) you see here and put him in the Oval Office. Or maybe he just activated his emotion chip. 

Anyway, why are we only seeing this NOW, from a third party? Did TBS and its owner, mega-liberal Ted Turner, forget Obama did this? Not likely.

This week in irony

Today's protest outside the White House saw thousands upset over the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline project, which would send oil derived from tar sands in Canada to Texas and Louisiana to be refined. The pipeline would create thousands of new American jobs and would cut the amount of oil we buy from the Arab world.

Of course, that does not sit well with radical environmentalists and amateur anarchists. A group of angry college students left their college in Vermont and traveled by oil-guzzling bus to Washington to voice their displeasure. They then burned even more oil to go home. It's OK though, because oil burned during good intentions doesn't hurt the environment.

Martin Bashir hates black people

Well, obviously he is, because if the ideological roles were reversed, liberals would be screaming it. Check out how this nasty little Brit criticizes a real American:

The Anarchists of the Occupy Movement

If there was ever any doubt that the folks behind the Occupy movement are a bunch of anti-capitalistic anarchists, the reporting of should set you straight. After a BigGovernment reporter caught a OccupyDayton protester going off on America, the organizers behind the protest threatened to sue. Click the following link for the whole story:
#OccupyDayton Threatens to Sue in Response to Video of Activist: ‘F- the Military, F- your Flag, F- the Police’

Still, I'd vote for President Zuckerberg over this guy...

Barack Obama is a lot like the upgrades to Facebook. There were plenty of promises of how great the change would be for us, but we were all left disappointed and angry at the results.

Need a job? Obama's hiring, but he isn't paying

Obama is looking for people to work long, hard hours for his campaign, but in true socialist fashion, he isn't paying a red cent in salary. To find out more, click right here to read our latest column.

Another facepalm moment for Obama

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our commander-in-chief, head of our armed forces, and leader of the free world, acting like a beauty pageant contestant at the UN. During a photo op on September 20, 2011, President Obama decided to wave at everyone, obscuring the face of Mongolia's leader and making a face Rush Limbaugh described as something akin to Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine. Why is this man so starved for attention?

Obama runs and hides from 14 million unemployed Americans

A new jobs report released today showed America created no new jobs last month. Every time a report is released, no matter how bad it is, President Obama will appear to make a statement and spin it to a positive thing. This one was so bad, that when it was released, Obama skipped a statement for the first time and took off for Camp David. It must be nice to be able to run away from your mistakes.

Obama uses invisible ninja skills on golf course

Barack Obama was out playing golf again today at a private course in Martha's Vineyard, but when a group of TV cameras tried to catch him teeing off on hole #8 (which is visible to people on the street), the President skipped the hole to avoid being filmed. Could Obama really have a conscience? Or just a sense of shame? Or is he....a ninja?

National Lampoon's Obama Vacation

Obama's "Throw the Economy Under the Bus Tour" is over. He now goes on vacation, just to prove to work-weary Americans that vacations, in fact, still exist.

At least someone is having a good time...

With the economy circling the drain, what is Obama doing? PLAYING GOLF! Hey, Barry Hussein, no mulligans on the economy for you.

Nothing says "empowered woman" like a....Playboy bunny?

Ah, Hollywood liberals, what a hypocritical lot. The same folks who scream for equal rights for women then turn around and make sexist attacks on Republican women they don't like. Now, they are trying to convince us that drivel like NBC's new show "The Playboy Club" actually EMPOWERS women. As proof, they offer this clip featuring actress and professed lesbian Amber Heard cowering in fear while wearing a revealing outfit. You've come a long way, baby.

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Contessa Brewer gets owned

Contessa Brewer, are you a condescending witch? Some questions don't need answering. Just sit back and enjoy.

Obama Throws a Hissy Fit

Is it too much to ask that our President act like an adult with the economic future of our country on the line? Apparently so, because he is behaving like a spoiled brat when the GOP takes him to task over the debt ceiling. To read all about it on, click right here.

Osama Been Capped

"We will not tire. We will not falter, and we will not fail."  - George W. Bush on 9/11

GWB -1  OBL - 0

The War on Easter!

It isn't enough to kill Christmas, Easter is now in the sights of liberals. From "Spring Spheres" to gays crashing an Easter parade, the battle for Easter is on. Click here to read all about it on

The (Symbolic) Tree Huggers of Auburn

Remember when some idiot poisoned a lot of the trees at Toomer's Corner at Auburn University? Well, some student environmentalist figured out the best way to help the trees...was to symbolically hug them. Seriously. Instead of devoting time to scientific study and experiments that might help the trees (You know where they do that? At a university!), these folks showed up to a "Toomer's Tree Hug" rally in February and hugged the air in hopes that it would "push" the poison out of the trees. The tree huggers asked that students not actually "hug" the trees, because they might hurt them. You can see the symbolic hug in the picture here.

Look, sentiment is nice, but reality is nicer. Why not raise money for the trees' care? Because in this day and age, as long as you mean well, you don't actually have to DO well. It's like wearing a colored ribbon to support a cause. It doesn't do any good, but it is easier than working for that cause and it makes you feel better.

Ironically, these same Auburn students have a tradition of "rolling" these trees to celebrate something at the university, like a win in football. These trees would be covered in hundreds, if not thousands, of toilet paper rolls, so much so that the trees look iced over and the ground is covered in piles of unrolled toilet paper. The tree huggers have asked students to stop rolling, as it might hurt the trees. Never mind the fact that with every roll, a tree somewhere else had to die.

But hey, as long as everyone feels good, it's OK, right? Maybe they should be given a Nobel Peace Prize for all of their symbolic work.

That would explain Glee.....

A new study reveals that only 1.7% of the U.S. adult population is gay. Incredibly, they have all appeared on at least one television show.

Lady Gaga Joins the Gay Mafia

Never heard of the Gay Mafia? Think they are made up? That's what they want you to think! Worse, they have recruited Lady Gaga as one of their enforcers! Actually, that probably isn't a surprise, but you can find out how Gaga tried to strong arm Target stores into thinking like her. You can read about how she showed them her intolerant face by clicking right here to read my column at

Liberal Fail of the Week: Singing Wisconsin Protesters

When liberals think they are making a difference, it can be a bit sad, but mostly it's just funny. Case in point: during the recent Wisconsin union protests, this bizarre moment was caught on video and posted to YouTube. Either the cast of Les Miserables showed up to perform, or some time-traveling French anarchists from the Revolution found their way into the Madison Capitol. I just love how the guy in front thinks if he sings louder and with a little more gusto, all of their problems will just go away. I don't know what sort of romantic ideas he had that his little American Idol audition would actually change minds, but at least it makes you laugh. Check out the hippie drum circle member trying to play along, or better yet, check out the faces of the protesters in the background, all wondering where these singing idiots came from. Why they chose to sing songs from Les Miserables is beyond me. Don't these folks know any good Bob Dylan?

Remember now, unlike people protesting for their freedom, these folks are protesting the fact they they do not want to pay 5% into their own pensions! They want you, the taxpayer, to pay it for them. They might as well be singing into hairbrushes in front of their bedroom mirror, because their musical hissy-fit was all for naught. Didn't Obama say we all had to do our part to help the economic recovery? Now they get their chance!  

One of these butts is not like the others

Pop quiz, hotshots: These are three first ladies of different countries. From left to right, they are Princess Letizia of Spain, French first lady Carla Bruni, and USA First Lady Michelle Obama (you can click on the pic to see a, ahem, larger version). Now, out of the three, which do you suppose has led the charge to regulate how we eat and dictate our lifestyles, to the point that San Francisco has outlawed Happy Meals?

Now, I can appreciate Mrs. Obama trying to help America eat healthier, but let me ask you this: if a Republican with some "junk in the trunk," were saying the same things about eating healthy, would the media let it slide? This is the same media that joined with Kathy Griffin to mock Bristol Palin when she didn't lose weight while on Dancing with the Stars. They love a good hypocrite, but give Michelle Obama a pass. And so it goes. 

John King's FAIL

John King and CNN did try hard to blame everyone but the shooter for the Giffords shooting. He put forth the effort, but like the rest of the mainstream media, no one bought the argument. Maybe we're all just a little sick of the liberal ploy of blaming others and failing to take responsibility for one's own actions. My article for certainly got a lot of feedback pro and con. To read it for yourself, click right here