For Christmas, Paris Hilton celebrates herself

You know, I'd laugh harder at Paris Hilton if she weren't so pathetic. And yet, I still laugh quite a bit.

My latest column highlights her Christmas card, which features the real reason for the season: looking at her bony body in skimpy outfits. To see the Christmas card that may finally get her skanky soul condemned to hell, click right here to read it at You can also click right here to read the same column at Yahoo.

Help Kate Walsh kill babies and win a DVD!

Private Practice star Kate Walsh can't get in the Christmas spirit until she helps Planned Parenthood kill some babies. She wants you to get in on the killing too, so she's offering an autographed DVD set as a prize to anyone who contributes to Planned Parenthood. Hide yo' pregnant wife, cause they abortin' everybody out there!

To read my full article about what Kate Walsh is up to, click right here.

Surprise! Liberals like bad TV

A new study says that Democrats like TV shows with sick, twisted characters, like Dexter the serial killer and, of course, Keith Olbermann.

The study also says Republicans prefer shows where good fights evil, like "V" and "NCIS." It's probably not a coincidence that TV shows favored by Republicans tend to be more successful, and get higher ratings. To read my full article on the subject, click here to read it at Yahoo's Associated Content