John Dennis and the best political ad ever

John Dennis is running for Nancy Pelosi's seat in Congress, and created a great political ad that is a YouTube hit. To read more about it, click right here or watch the video below.

Voting Character Over Race

One of my recent columns for Yahoo News explored the issue of race and how that affects voting, using a local race in Dallas as an example. To read the column, click right here.

Kudos to Clint Howard

It's a rarity, but a Hollywood actor is actually supporting a conservative cause. This time, it's Clint Howard, brother of liberal die-hard Ron Howard, who made the following internet video on behalf of The Heritage Foundation. Click here to read about it on Associated Content.

Seize the Gay!

Microsoft's PC police are a little too sensitive. Their liberal guilt has led them to ban a whole town from Xbox live. Their argument, it would seem, is that it is worse to be figuratively gay than literally gay. Or something. To find out the whole story, read my column by clicking right here.

Big D doesn't mean Democrat

One of my recent columns for Yahoo News highlights the shift in Dallas politics, which has been highly Democratic but is now trending Republican. It is indicative of how much ground Democrats are losing nationwide. Dallas was considered a stronghold for the Dems, but now they are fighting for their political lives. You can read all about it right here.

Just note: in my haste to spell check and turn in my column, I misspelled one of the folks quoted. It should actually read JASON VILLALBA of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. I left out one of the "Ls" when I ran spell check. Sorry about that Jason!

Liberal pretends to be a Tea Partier, and MSNBC falls for it

MSNBC was all giddy this week playing a little game of "gotcha" with Glenn Beck and the Tea Party over the "Restore America" rally. Seems they "uncovered" a Tea Party blogger who posted a guide to DC for rally attendees that helped them avoid the parts of town where African Americans live. Of course, it fit their spin of making everyone look like racists, so they failed to do a little digging.

The Daily Beast then discovered the blogger responsible is a big time Democratic contributor and now it appears, an obvious plant to discredit the Tea Party. Of course, the accusations and impressions have been made, so MSNBC won't worry about retractions. That's too bad, because I was looking forward to Maddow's snarky "we got duped" speech.

To read about MSNBC's entire witch hunt, visit the NewsBusters story right here