The Hypocrisy of Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren can be added to the list of Hollywood actors who can't shut up about their personal views, yet abandon them when it is time to make money. The British actress has been a vocal anti-gun advocate, including endorsing a ban on so-called "replica" guns. That didn't stop her, however, from taking a movie role that paid her millions to shoot replica guns.

David Codrea, who writes about gun rights for, exposed Mirren's hypocrisy over the movie role. To read the entire article, which includes a hilarious video with Mirren about the "dangers" of replica guns (and the false claim that they can fire real bullets) click right here.

Obama's audacity on display again

Sure, America may be struggling economically, but President Obama still wants you to pay up to ensure his friends, who made this mess, keep getting elected. He even sent out an email to supporters this past week asking just that.

To read about the email and why Obama thinks his pals deserve your money, read my column at right here

Are you on the Jihad Watch?

I hope you have had the opportunity to read Robert Spencer's blog Jihad Watch, a site unafraid to expose the hard truth about radical Islam. Robert Spencer is a lone voice of reason crying in a cultural wilderness overrun with political correctness, and God bless him for it. To visit his site now, click right here.   

Attack of the Drag Queen Teachers!

Meet Peter J. Konrath, head of the Drag Queen Caucus, a group officially recognized by the National Education Association, the guardians of public education. The NEA must believe there is a noted lack of representation of drag queens in the classroom, or they wouldn't have bothered giving them a voice in the NEA's mission. They even have a table at the national NEA convention.

To find out more about the Drag Queen Caucus, their risqué trading cards, and their scholarship program for GLBT teens, click here to read my article at