Obama vs. the Gay Mafia

Someone should have typed "KEEP COOL" on President Obama's teleprompter.

In a rare flash of anger usually reserved for Republicans, President Barack Obama lashed out at a group of gay activists who began heckling him at a California fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer on Monday (April 19). The activists were upset with the President for not yet repealing the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which effectively bans gays from serving openly.

The video below (from CBS News) shows how the incident transpired. During the event, a number of activists began yelling at the President about the policy. At first, Obama tried to ignore them, speaking louder and becoming more animated in an attempt to drown them out. Suddenly, the President snapped, angrily addressing the crowd by yelling "Hey! Hold on a second!" The activists then began chanting "Yes we can," mocking the President's campaign slogan. Obama was visibly upset and took several moments to compose himself before smiling and responding "We are going to do that."

Obama was in California trying to bolster the reelection efforts of Barbara Boxer, whose disapproval rate is higher than her approval rate, and may attract several prominent opponents, including Carly Fiorina. Attendees to the event paid as much as $32,000 to attend the event.

Source: CBS News

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