He's no Rocky: Obama tells GOP "Go for it"

In a speech given in Iowa City yesterday (March 25), President Obama continued to play the politics of division while openly challenging Republicans to repeal the health care reform bill he recently signed into law.

"There's been a lot of misinformation spread about health care reform," Obama said. "There has been plenty of fear-mongering and overheated rhetoric. And if you turn on the news, you'll see that those same folks are still shouting about how the world will end because we passed this bill. This is not an exaggeration." Once again, Obama himself creates a chasm in the health care debate discourse. In his mind, you cannot merely oppose his ideas because of political and economic ramifications. There is no "agree to disagree." In the President's mind, anyone who refuses to drink his kool-aid is a radical nutjob.   

The President then went on for several minutes to once again quote all of the supposed wonderful things this reform plan will do. Now that the bill is passed, it's completely unnecessary for him to do so, but Obama's still trying to win the PR battle with the American public. He's desperate to turn the tide of popular opinion, which is still largely against him.

Finally, the President challenged Republicans to try and repeal the bill. "Go for it," the President said. "If they want to have that fight, I'll welcome that fight." Now who's being violent?

Truth be told, America will "go for it," in droves. They will march on Election Day and place their ballot against those who supported this bill. The fight has only just begun.

The only thing liberals fear is losing power

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media over the so-called "violence" over the passage of ObamaCare. A CNN anchor wondered "is this the end of civil debate in politics?" Story after story piled on the rumors and hearsay as if it were real and assumed at every point that rank and file Tea Partiers and conservatives were responsible.

Finally, CNN scraped the bottom of the intellectual barrel. They cut to a clip from The Joy Behar Show - JOY BEHAR - who openly blamed conservative talk radio and the right for the violence. When MSNBC attacks the right, at least their anchors and commentators have the guts to say it themselves. CNN hides behind people like Behar to take shots at the right and define the argument. Rick Sanchez and other anchors love to use "viewer feedback" to set the tone and make it appear as if conservatives are extremists. Ever see comments or emails from folks on the right? They rarely make it on air.

Democrats, and liberals in particular, aren't afraid of broken windows, name calling, and "hostile hate speech" as they would have you believe. Rather, they are tools to fight something they really fear: losing power. The right is rising, and we are witnessing a triumph of common sense over progressive thought. The working middle class is reclaiming power from the political elitists in Washington, and the idea has them running scared. Their only defense is to convince mainstream America that such movements are radical, and exaggerating some incidents and blaming the right is part of the plan.

No doubt there are those who will use such situations to express their anger, but it is nonsensical to portray such behavior as indicative of a large group of people. When anarchists riot at political summits, a liberal protester bites off the finger of a Tea Partier, and SEIU thugs beat up an African American Tea Partier, their actions are never condemned or fretted over by the media. The double standard is obvious, and should be worn as a badge of honor by those of us on the right. The tide has turned. The left is desperate. We are winning.

It was an ugly weekend

You won't hear this in the mainstream media, but eight anti-war protesters were arrested Saturday outside the White House, including Cindy Sheehan (that is her pictured here, not Jimmy Durante). She was screaming into a bullhorn that President Obama was a war criminal.

What you will see and hear is a number of those who protested the health care bill, portrayed as seething savages. At some point, MSNBC will say there were no minorities present in their number, even though there were. If the anti-war crowd and the immigration reform supporters (who marched in D.C. this weekend as well) do get any press, it will be the usual, sympathetic coverage. The media's venom will probably be focused on Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer, who shouted "It's a baby killer" on the House floor during the health care debate Sunday night. Just wait for it.

The EgoBama Strikes Back!

Good politicians are surgical with their criticism; the best ones insult with a smile and deadly precision. For being such a celebrated orator, President Obama is certainly not one of them: his statements during the health care debate have been condescending and rudely blunt, something almost unheard of from the Commander in Chief. His critiques are more Chicago mobster than Ivy League debater. He cannot let a single speech go by without singling out someone and giving them a verbal dressing down like they were a freshman late to one of his college lectures.

It's clear that on a personal level, Barack Obama hates being criticized or contradicted. As President, however, he needs to learn to roll with the punches. His ego continues to bubble to the surface at the worst times, as he openly complains for every petty argument made against him and declaring war on news organizations that don't follow him in lockstep. Nixon's "Enemies List" pales in comparison to Obama's verbal lashings against critics.

Presidents Reagan and Clinton were experts at the political jab without sounding petty or angry. They still made some attempt at civil bipartisanship. Obama gripes like you peed in his cornflakes. During his speech today to the Democratic Caucus, Obama once again burned bridges with opponents of health care, saying they didn't "walk the walk" in cutting the deficit or putting the needs of people first, a bold statement considering his reform plan does neither. His venom isn't limited to the health care debate: remember when he chewed out the Supreme Court in front of the nation during his State of the Union? If someone in the West Wing doesn't sit the President down soon and straighten him out, he'll go down in history as the most vindictive man to ever sit in the Oval Office.

Maybe he can pick a winner this time

Last year, President Obama was criticized for wasting time making picks on a bracket for the NCAA March Madness tournament. Unfortunately, like his push for health care reform, if he wants to do something, nobody can stop him. After all, this is the same guy who likes to pull rank and remind us "I am the President" whenever his actions are questioned, and so we have his picks once again this year.

I would be harder on the guy, but between quitting smoking (again), Michelle not letting him eat junk food, having to feed Rahm Emanuel live children, and "Crazy Uncle Joe" Biden putting his foot in his mouth all the time, the guy needs a break. Maybe if he spends more time watching basketball this month and less time wrecking the country, we will all be better off. Click here to see the President's picks.

Don't be sucked into Matt Damon's "Green Zone"

Matt Damon's new movie Green Zone may look like a nice action flick; after all, it is directed by Paul Greengrass, who brought us Damon's Bourne movies and the excellent United 93. However, those of you who remember Damon's politics (including his rant against Sarah Palin) probably won't be surprised that Green Zone is yet another liberal slam against the Iraq War and the policies of the Bush Administration. The U.S. government, not the terrorists, are the bad guys here, as the story focuses on the search for Saddam's WMDs, a subject liberals won't let go. It's like catnip for progressives.

WMDs were never enough justification for war. The atrocities of Saddam's regime, the thousands of bodies buried in mass graves along the Tigris, the whole villages gassed under his orders, and the genocide of the Kurds is reason enough.

Damon is using his platform of film to rewrite history and dictate how America views the war. It's a tactic he learned from his good friend and former neighbor, the late Howard Zinn, whose book "A People's History of the United States" was slammed by historians over its inaccuracies and attempts to rewrite the facts with a liberal slant.  Finding the real truth in films like Green Zone may be even harder to find than WMDs themselves.

Shocker: Uncle Sam spends like a drunken sailor

A story in the Dallas Morning News this weekend highlighted what sort of a job the government does with public housing. HUD paid a Dallas slumlord $1.5 million (in stimulus money no less) last year - equal to $850 a month per apartment - for a complex that features rotted floors, sewage spills, and exposed wiring. Twice, the city sued to shut the complex down as a public nuisance. HUD says the amount paid is fair market value. The article points out that you can find townhomes in better parts of Dallas for under $800 a month.

Let's put aside the government waste argument for a much larger point. This is just one of many examples of our federal government's inability to properly administer and provide oversight of an otherwise well-intentioned, useful program. It's why the government should not take over health care. The basics of health care (including doing everything possible to treat someone) will be undermined by the lack of accountability inherent in bureaucracy. If ObamaCare takes over, it is only a matter of time before we find out about waste and inefficiency that will bury the world's best health care system in a tangle of red tape. John McCain said it best: "Government interventions are not the solutions to our nation's challenges."

Keeping up with the Blue Dogs

We've added a great blog to our blog list: Doggin A Blue Dog. They do a great job of following the so-called "Blue Dog" Democrats and call them out when they vote liberal. Their coverage of the recent health care debate has been excellent - we suggest you keep up with them.

Israel sticks it to Crazy Uncle Joe Biden

Let me get this right: the Middle East is the most sensitive political situation in the whole wide world, and Obama sends "Crazy Uncle Joe" to lead talks with the Israelis and Palestinians? He is TRYING to start World War III?

Israel's announcement of more settlements in east Jerusalem just a day before Biden meets with Palestinian leaders was no mistake. No one plays hardball like the Israelis, and this is their way of giving the Obama administration notice that they aren't going to cater to the demands of Hamas or the Palestinian Authority. They could have waited for Biden to leave before making the announcement, but now the administration is forced to choose a side. Obama's been playing lip service to both sides, and they won't be able to do that anymore. The announcement also prevents Biden from making any concessions or promises to the Palestinians, which kills any chance of a PR victory for Obama with the trip. Israel wasn't willing to pay the price just so Obama could divert attention away from problems back home.

The U.N. has called Israel's new settlement plans illegal, but they never liked Israel anyway.  Biden has already tipped the administration's hand by condemning the move, but there's not much he can do about it. We know land concessions won't work: both Clinton and Bush II tried to broker deals with no success, because the Arabs refuse to accept Israel's presence. I guess Obama won't be bowing to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the next time he sees him.  

Source: Yahoo News

If you can't beat them, run them over

Abortion supporters hate dissent, so when some pro-life groups picketed outside a Reno abortion clinic, the head baby-killer-in-charge went after them with his car. To read the entire story, click here.

Why is this man still talking?

On March 3, President Obama declared the debate on health care over. "Every argument has been made. Everything there is to say about health care has been said and just about everyone has said it."

That hasn't stopped the President from still talking up his Doomsday health care plan. He did so on his radio address over the weekend and in a speech in Philadelphia today (March 8). He plans at least one more appearance and speech this week on the subject.

Obama's dictatorial approach to controlling the debate seems like a last ditch effort to force feed America something it doesn't want instead of a leader showing the way. With each passing day, the desperation at the White House grows, so expect more heavy-handed tactics.   

Obama Quote Source: USA Today

Don't Mess with the Obama

Why is this man so angry? Perhaps it's because rather than being the uniting force he promised to be, he's using the same Chicago-style bully tactics that he's used all of his life. Today, he's squashing anyone who dares to exercise their right to freely speak out and disagree with him. When Obama found out a the keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast opposed gays in the military, he kicked him out of the event. Well, at least we know Obama can make a quick decision when it comes to the military. To read the whole article, click right here.