Obama's Bizarro Speech

I'll leave the more detailed critiques to the pros, but I don't think I've ever seen a more contradictory speech ever. EVER. President Obama's bizarro State of the Union speech defied logic and mocked the obvious truth. He tried to rewrite the history of the past year with jaw-dropping boldness. He actually claimed to run a transparent administration. He said he kept lobbyists and special interests out of positions in his government. Even Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito was seen mouthing the words "NOT TRUE" when Obama criticized the High Court for daring to rule against his wishes, saying the decision would hurt the election process. This is why he has worn so thin with voters on both sides of the political spectrum. They see the harsh realities of his actions  - or inaction - every day of their lives. In Obama's bizarro world, everything is wonderful, and he will do whatever he can to convince us of that.  

Planned Parenthood Exploits the Haiti Crisis

When you are in the business of killing off human beings when they are at their most vulnerable, ethics is not among your top priorities. Perhaps that is why the International Planned Parenthood Federation is asking for a slice of the Haitian charity pie. They hope the goodwill of people will fund their their clinics in Haiti, which were destroyed in the recent earthquake. With your help, they can get back to aborting Haiti's unborn ASAP! For the whole sickening story, click here to read the report at Examiner.com.

Diane Sawyer: Obama Cheerleader and Drunken Party Girl

Diane Sawyer just can't help singing the praises of President Obama, even when he has a terrible political week. She tries a little too hard to put a positive spin on things instead of facing the hard realities. We examine her choice of Michelle Obama as her "Person of the Week," where she praised the First Lady like she had actually accomplished something. For more on her love for all things Obama, and a video reminder of how his inauguration sent her off on a drunken binge, click here to read my column at Examiner.com

Danny Glover is a lethal idiot

Danny Glover thinks the Haiti earthquake is the earth's revenge on us for all the global warming and climate change we caused. He said Mother Earth is upset over the failed Copenhagen climate summit. Apparently, some big mouth spilled the beans to her. To read the entire column detailing Glover's outrageous assertions, click here.

MSNBC Goes Nuts!

You might have missed MSNBC's reaction to Republican Scott Brown winning Ted Kennedy's former Senate seat on January 19, 2010. After all, who really watches MSNBC anyway? Just a few dozen folks like myself who enjoy checking in to see what the weird kids are up to.

Up and down the MSNBC lineup, commentators and talk show hosts are finding it difficult to deal with the reality that Obama and his liberal socialist friends have already worn out their welcome with America, even in Massachusetts. Despite the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1, the state just elected a GOP senator.

Rachel Maddow was visibly shocked when the results came in - video of the moment Brown won shows Maddow swallowing deeply and struggling to say the words. The next day she downplayed the impact of the election, choosing instead to point out that Democrats still had a large majority in the Senate, at least for now. Ed Schultz, host of "The Ed Show," struggled to put a positive spin on things. The best he could muster was a shot at one of Brown's statements on the "Today Show." The senator-elect told the program that the war on terror and health care reform would be his priorities to address. "Terror? Terror is your priority?" the host asked incredulously. "Aren't we safe?" Either Schultz fails to grasp how close we came to disaster with the underwear bomber or doesn't care much for the soldiers and civilians who were gunned down at Ft. Hood. At least under President Bush, terror plots were foiled by authorities. Now, under Obama, plots are foiled by pure chance, and taxpayers get to pay for attorneys for terrorists. Sports reporter turned pontificating pseudo-intellectual Keith Olbermann actually tried to claim the moral high ground by portraying Brown as some sort of sociopath.

I'm sure it was difficult for Olbermann to focus his moral relativity to certain particular stances, but he did manage to call Brown an "irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, a teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees." Olbermann did later offer an apology, saying he forgot to include "sexist" to his list of insults. He then challenged anyone to prove him wrong. Of course, he's only right if you accept Olbermann's moral presuppositions, which come from his twisted liberal worldview. He also tries, with little effect, to tie Brown to an incident during which an attendee at a Brown campaign rally supposedly threatened violence against his opponent, Martha Coakley. Though the incident could not be proven, Brown refused to speculate or comment on the matter. Olbermann took that as advocating the violence.

It's been a common tactic for liberals fighting the rise of conservatives and libertarians in the Tea Party movement: portray them as violent radicals who are being quietly supported by their leaders. It's all a reach, but in Olbermann's "bizarro" world, it all makes perfect sense.

Enjoy the show as the ivory tower at MSNBC crumbles and their commentators have to answer to the common folk: they really are entertaining as their grip on reality slips away.

Obama's economy kills Air America

Harry Reid's Teachable Moment

Despite predictions that the election of Barack Obama would end racism as we know it, it seems our President is having to deal with it more than ever. He wasn't expecting, however, to hear racial stereotypes from members of his own party.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is under fire for comments he made before Obama was elected President and are now being published in a book. In an attempt to assess Obama's candidacy, Reid said the then-senator could be successful because he was a "light-skinned" black man and had "no Negro dialect whatsoever, unless he wanted to have one."

 There's no need to discuss how stupid the quote was; it was obviously a poor choice of words. What is interesting is the response being given to Reid's quote. It exposes a double standard that's hard to deny. Consider in today's over-sensitive PC culture, such quotes are treated as major scandals. In 2002, a similar stupid statement by Trent Lott about Strom Thurmond cost him his majority leader post. Lott said America could have avoided a lot of problems had Thurmond's 1948 presidential run been successful. Thurmond was a noted segregationist at the time.

In a CNN interview at the time, Al Gore called Lott's comments racist. Jesse Jackson said Lott should resign, which he did. That was for remarks that only alluded to race. Now, many of the same politicians who dogpiled on Lott's comments in 2002 are either quiet or actually defending Reid, saying his apologies are enough and it is time to move on. Would the same be said if Reid were a Republican?

I'm sure there will be those who say that when a liberal says something stupid, it's OK because they don't mean it. When a Republican says something stupid, they will argue, it's racist because at heart, all Republicans are racist. Such arguments hold no water because they obviously show a double-standard. Even as this scandal breaks, news reports surface that many are upset that the 2010 Census form, when asking a citizen to list their race, uses the word "negro." And yet, Reid's statement, which used the same word, is not considered offensive. Consider that Reid also said that Obama can use a "negro dialect" if he wants to. Why is no one asking Reid to clarify what he means by that? Isn't that statement just as offensive? 

Earlier this year, Obama chose to dive head-first into the race issue when a white Massachusetts cop confronted a black man whom he thought was breaking into a house. After Obama called the officer's actions "stupidly," the President called both parties to the White House so they could sit in front of cameras, have a beer, and have a "teachable moment."

The question is, where is Obama and his "teachable moment" now? Where is the White House pow-wow with all the old white Democrats to make sure they understand that you can't say those things? Why are liberals so ready to move on? Where is the sit-down to discuss race in America and an attempt to learn something from all this? Where is the public reprimand or Senate censure for Reid? Where is Al Sharpton?

Perhaps there is a "teachable moment" in all of this. If there is no political hay to be made, President Obama and other Democrats will look the other way on racially insensitive comments. They won't be offended until a Republican says something stupid. It's a sad lesson to learn about liberals.

Source: CNN.com

Look out Janet - here comes the Obama bus!

It only took 12 days or so, but President Obama is finally showing some leadership on this Christmas airline bombing attempt. In his statement today (Jan. 5) the Apologist-in-Chief said there were fundamental flaws in the system and a failure to distribute intel to the proper channels. Of course, he seemed to carefully step around the whole "War on Terror" and "Islamic fundamentalists" thing, but I'll take what I can get. This leads me to wonder where Janet Napolitano's whole "the system works" viewpoint fits in here. Could Obama be ready to throw Janet under the bus like Van Jones? Get ready to play her off, Keyboard Cat!

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow misses Chuck Norris' point