Save Hannah!

Hannah Giles, the girl who brought down ACORN, is now under attack by the group she helped expose as corrupt. In response, the Liberty Legal Institute is starting a legal defense fund to cover her legal expenses. To find out more about the fund, and for links to follow her fight on Facebook and Twitter, visit

Remember to say Thank You

Newt Gingrich, in a column for Human Events, points out the importance of remembering who we should be thanking this Thanksgiving. He quotes Lincoln when he established the holiday (in the midst of the Civil War) by proclamation in 1863: “No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy.” Amen to that. Happy Thanksgiving to all, liberals and conservatives!

No Flag for America's Team

It seems the new Cowboy Stadium has room for everything - except space to hang an American flag. Cowboy owner Jerry Jones isn't too broken up about it either - why waste perfectly good space for a flag when a billboard can go there? To read the whole story at, click here.

Proof Newsweek covers are biased

Do you think Newsweek is biased? We thought so, but after looking over recent Newsweek covers, we're sure of it now. To read my article about how Newsweek covers treat Democrats compared to Gov. Palin, click here.

The Gap Strikes Back!

The folks at the Gap corporate office were none too pleased about my column about them; they emailed to say so. Of course, the day before my column came out, the Gap DID release a commercial that mentions Christmas, but it's hardly a merry one. When the commercial is a politically correct mish-mash that puts Christmas on the same level as the pagan holiday Winter Solstice, you don't deserve any credit. To see the commercial and my take on it, click here.

How the Gap Killed Christmas

The American Family Association is asking folks to boycott the Gap and their sister companies, Old Navy and Banana Republic, for refusing to acknowledge the word "Christmas" in their holiday advertising. Should we care what the Gap does? Considering that the movement to completely purge the religious aspects of Christmas from our culture is being done in small steps (like refusing to even say the word), then perhaps we should start caring more. Click here to read the full story over at

Obama: Don't Jump to Conclusions

In one of his brief statements addressing the Ft. Hood tragedy, President Obama warned us all not to "jump to conclusions" based on incomplete evidence. Of course, he means that just because the shooter was a radical Muslim with a grudge against America, don't assume he is a radical Muslim with a grudge against America. Of course, Obama doesn't mind making such definitive, divisive statements about Fox News, the Tea Party protesters, and anyone who doesn't agree with him. Why doesn't Obama set up a White House email address for Americans to report on Muslim radicals they encounter? It seems Obama doesn't have much faith in Americans to make the right decisions in how they treat others.

Afraid to speak the truth about the Ft Hood shooter?

As is usually the case on 24 hour news channels, there are a lot of opinions flying around over the motives of Nadal Malik Hasan, the man who killed 12 innocent people at Ft. Hood today. What many in the mainstream media AREN'T saying is what most of the rest of America is thinking: his radical Islamic worldview is the basis for his violent action.

The media has been so careful not to say it for PC reasons that several discussions have drifted into discussions of stress in the workplace and his harrassment by other military peers. Even as reports surface that he vocalized radical opinions, including the statement that Muslims in Iraq should "fight the aggressors," it seems like some are looking for an external trigger to his actions.

Therein is the problem. During tragedies like this, we need to stop looking for reasons or justification and accept that people are responsible for their own views and actions, and sometimes the truth is not politically correct.

Why was this man still in uniform? Were Hasan's superiors, who appear to have known about his views, too afraid to confront him to avoid looking anti-Islamic in today's PC world? Was a policy not to offend the reason why he was still in uniform? These are the hard questions we must answer in the weeks to come.

Our prayers are with the families and friends of those lost at Ft. Hood today.

Who Shot Lou Dobbs' House?

Boy. someone really hates Lou Dobbs...or maybe they hate his house. Either way, the bullets are flying around the CNN commentator. Are liberals fostering violence towards him? Click here to find out what's going on.